My first music program was something called MED for the Amiga computer, back in 1990 or 91.  It could play up to four parts, using vertical columns for the parts with 64 rows for rhythms.  You could assign whatever value you wanted to the rows (say sixteenth notes, or 16th triplets if you wanted to use triplets anywhere).  You would enter a note by a C4 type designation and hit enter on a row if you wanted the note to sustain.  For example, C4 followed by 3 rows of "enter" would give you a quarter note if you decided that each row is a sixteenth.  As I recall, the sound samples were actually pretty good.  You could create your own waves, but I didn't know anything about how to do that then.  You could also add vibrato through some keystroke and control lthe volume and tempo, but that was it for controls.  In any case, it was loads of fun when I was in 10th grade.

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  • It wasn't my actual first, but I LOVED Master Tracks Pro and Encore on my 486sx 33 PC with 4MB of RAM.

  • In fact prior to the MacPlus that I got in 1987 as my first real computer I had for a short time the Yamaha QX1 hardware sequencer, an expensive monster in those days. Probably still qualifies as being a computer. Fortunately after about 18 months of use (got it beginning of '86) I found a buyer for it and recovered a good deal of the money. Had a tiny LED display, so strictly MIDI only - no way to do a spread sheet on it!

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