I have EastWest Platinum Orchestral +, East West Hollywood Strings Diamond and Brass. Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Also checking out some Kontakt instruments like Symphobia 1 and 2 and Lumina, and action strings. Also, pretty much all East West Library, inc. Stormdrum 2 etc..

Are there any software instruments you would recommend on top of these ?

including percussion.... It's a detective/mystery/action/drama show.

thanks for your opinion and advice !

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  • Thanks Raymond ! :-) makes a lot of sense.

    For me, I would exchange some of the quality of e.g. EastWest diamond orchestral for something that loads fast and is ideal for something along the lines of TV drama. It is indeed what you can do with it. I want to get sounds in quite fast, to get the music laid out... then get stuck into mixing it so it sounds good. Less "epic strings quality" is no problem for the mixing side later.... but "epic strings quality" that takes ages to load and eats up CPU like crazy is not ideal for 30 x 45 minute episodes over 6 to 12 months.

    I either need to get a suped up mac pro to handle east west and many kontakt instruments, or find a solution for a lighter version for orchestral instruments (of which there might be a solution out there somewhere).

    Like you said, it comes down to what you can do with it. I won't take anything personally on that, you're right on the mark! :-) and it's good to emphasize that for sure.

  • well, you could always work in a notation software first (using basic vsts) and then record the music in your DAW, where you can fix tempos and everything to match the video, although I think some notation softwares already have the option to load a video. Anyways, the quality of your VSTs would obviously depend on the show you are scoring and if you are aiming for realism or not... anyways, most spitfire stuff already have a tv/film feel and they have a nice realistic feel out of the box. Mural strings, all their brass, percussion and even woodwinds are topnotch, although I'm not sure if they have the whole winds yet...

  • My friend, you are commenting on people's threads that are long gone.
  • heh, well, there's always a chance my opinion might help some else. I usually find information that way: by reading questions asked in forums and the people who have answered those questions. So I usually don't mind the date of the posts when I answer, heh.

  • I got a notification to my email. Still useful to know, thanks for the info ! :)

    I managed to keep going with my setup, although, I'm long overdue a rig upgrade. Which in this case is the option I need now. I'm getting this done this month.

    Upgrade solution I've researched and found for my requirements: Mac Pro (the latest trash can model)... rather than get a 12 core, I'm going to start with a 6 core, and if I need to upgrade I can either upgrade to 12 core, or go for the widely recommended solution of getting an additional PC to run as a slave with the mac (if I go for this option, I will use an online company who specializes in building custom PC slave computers... rather than make my own).
    Only downside to setting up a pc as a slave, for me, is the learning curve disrupting my work flow... so still not sure whether I'll do that or get the 12 core.

    What I'm starting with is the Mac Pro 6 core with 64 GB. Also importantly, the hard drives to be SSD. So I'm getting a BlackMagic MultiDock which takes 4 drives.. and putting in 3 x 1TB SSD Samsung 850 EVO, 1 x 1TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro... on these drives I will put:
    1 EVO: East West Hollywood Diamond Brass & Diamond Strings (read only drive)
    2 EVO: East West bundle of libraries packs drive (read only drive)
    3 EVO: KONTAKT instruments, Omnisphere and Stylus RMX Expanded (read only drive)
    4 PRO: Plugins, SFX, Videos for playback and additional space for expanding library.

    all thunderbolt 2 connections.

    Also will get another high speed drive for write only, saving projects onto.

    This is what I've found so far, after lots of reading and asking questions.

    What I have been doing between my last post and this one... is continuing to use a 2009 mac pro quad core with 16 GB ram... and I have found ways to manage... very time consuming ways... and worked my butt off to save for a better system. Last week I worked a load of 16 hour days, and one of the days was 10am one day to 6am the following day... I had split a project into 18 separate projects and was jumping back and forth. 

    I have worked like this because I couldn't find what I needed as a solution. The rig upgrade detailed above is the solution for me.. Relatively speaking, it will turn my old banger (I say that with massive respect and appreciation lol) into a race car.

    Brrrrmm brrrmmm! xD

  • What's wrong with using a software vibraphone setting?  


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