• It depends on your budget and on the type of music you want to do (epic music, classical music etc.) Do you need solists or boy choir?

  • Probably more epic music. It would be great to have the option of solo and boys choir. I would pay the cost for a good library.
  • Thanks Raymond, this sounds interesting.

  • I have no choral sounds except what comes on Logic Pro, which isn't much.  I have East/West Hollywood Strings, but now I need a good voice sound.

  • You can look at requiem pro (I think it's the best choir library now and it has also soloists) and liberis from 8dio

    There is a new epic choir library, with no boy choir and no soloists and it's only one dynamic layer with a filter (seems strange nowadays) but listen to the demos, the sound is really awesome!... and it's cheaper :

    There is also a new choir library with a word-builder: Voices of Prague:

    Oh, and I think that if you want aaah and oooh even symphonic choirs has still a beautiful sound.

  • Thank you, thank you, all of you!  You've all been a great help.  I have a movie I'm scoring and the director wants a nice choral sound, so I might as well go for the best.  I will be sure to check out all of your suggestions.

  • For really epic stuff I think you can't go wrong with Storm Choir from Stresov Sampling. Even though it was recorded at ff dynamic it can work well for quieter moments. 

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