• Thank you for the response and the list. It was really cool to see it. I will make some comments on some of the instruments that you have listed.

    Didgeridoo (I’m having a piece this Thursday in concert that features the didgeridoo.)  
    bagpipes (Yes, for a school’s Alma Mater aka “school song.”)
    euphonium (Too many times, lol. Writing a couple right now that feature the instrument.)
    organ (Yes, and I want to do more!)
    contrabass bassoon (I wrote a piece that specifically features this instrument.)
    contrabass clarinet (Yes! Sounds great with tuba.)
    alto flute (In college for flute choir.)
    bass flute (In college for flute choir.)
    Theremin (nope)
    melodeon (nope)
    electric piano (yes for rock or Christmas music.)
    ondes martenot (nope)
    synthesizer (yes for rock of Christmas music)
    clarsach (nope)
    harpsichord (yes for a college professor. That was fun.)
    clavichord (nope)
    electric bass (yes a lot of times.)
    banjo (nope)
    harmonica (nope)
    mandolin (nope)
    gamelan (nope)
    djembe (YES! This is one of my favorite instruments to compose for school and community events.)
    Cajon (Yes, great substitute for a drum set.)
    shakuhachi (nope)
    Wagner tuba (what’s the point? We have tubas and euphoniums now.)
    bass trombone (yes! This is God’s instrument.)
    alto trombone (Nope and probably never unless Dr. McKinney ask me to.)

    Oliver Newman said:

    Where to start...

    contrabass bassoon
    contrabass clarinet
    alto flute
    bass flute
    electric piano
    ondes martenot
    electric bass
    wagner tuba
    bass trombone
    alto trombone

    ...and many more

    Why? Because I haven't needed them or been asked to write for them.

    What's an Instrument that You've Never Written For?
    What's an instrument that you've never written for and why? ~Rod
  • I haven't written for all of those, but I've played most of them, except for about three!

    There are a ton I haven't written for, but there's one that I'm eager to, the hammered dulcimer.

  • Nice! There ya go. That's a good one.

    Raymond Kemp said:

    Kazoo, although I have given public performance playing one.

  • Well, i never wrote for clarinet. I hate those things, they are just annoying. Always when i write, i try to avoid clarinet, and yes, i know that it is a commonly used instrument, but i just really don't like their sound. (except lowest 5 tones) One time, a friend from academy invited me to a concert of classical music (and he damn good knows that i hate clarinet), so i went with him. It was clarinet quintet concert! 2 hours of struggling to get out. And yes, he took 1st row...

  • I'm so relieved to know your hopes will be dashed!

    Kristofer Emerig said:

    I could easily see this thread quickly disintegrating into a smoldering debate on the inferiority of the clarinet. One can only hope.

  • Odd how some instruments strike some people as repulsive. Mozart reportedly couldn't stand the flute. Yet he loved the clarinet. When I first started listening to classical music, it was not my favorite. It sounded like a jazz instrument. Then one steamy night, on a balcony in the DC area, I listened to Mozart's Clarinet Concerto. From then on I grew to like it more and more. And I find it very useful, due to its tremendous range. It doesn't seem to combine well with other instruments, though. Incidentally, I have been hankering to hear a Clarinet in A. All the sample libraries only have Bb's, except one from Sweden, which info I picked up on another forum.

    I have tried, in just about every piece I have composed, to include a part for a saxophone. But it never works. The soprano sax has come closest, but I always decide against it. And yet, there are successful sax pieces in the classical repertoire: Ravel's Bolero, the Debussy Rhapsody, among them. And for some reason, Russian music sounds good on saxes.

  • Actually, Ray, I can see Branford Marsalis doing his classical-pop thing here. Perhaps a sopranono sax, used like a descant recorder? A very beautiful piece of Russian music, in spite of the lack of saxophones.

  • How could anyone hate the clarinet after Rhapsody in Blue, I wonder.

  • Right. Also, listen to some Benny Goodman, and then say you hate the clarinet.

  • I have not written for any brass instruments as of yet. But that will change shortly. I plan to write a piece incorporating tuba, trombone, clarinet, trumpet, possibly even French Horn. I would also like to write for bassoons. Since I'm primarily a guitarist, I've written most of my compositions for guitar. I also dabble quite a bit with synth, so I've written for synth as well. I recently got more into writing for flute, cello, viola. I recently wrote a composition for piano and violin, along with a piano sonata. I'm looking to get more into becoming a neo-classical composer, as well as Romantic era music for the modern day. I can thank Clara Schumann's compositions for that. Here are some compositions that I have recorded over the years.

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