• Bob Porter said:


    Normaly I don't let sound quality bother me, But in this case, it does. Because you can do better. Please plug your Yamaha into a real recording device, post it properly as an mp3, so that we can all enjoy it. Is this something that is written down, or is it all in your head? Some folks don't believe it is a real comosition unless it is written down. What do you think?  Also, I feel there is a story behind this. If so, what is it? Is it important? No, I just like to ask a lot of questions.

    Thanks for posting this. I like hearing what is out there.


    thanks for the reply. I personally didn't notice a problem with the sound quality, i plugged my keyboard into an mbox for recording and it should be clean. I haven't written this down yet and don't think that makes a difference, but i guess thats anyones opinion. Sorry to say but there is no story, just whatever i happened to be feeling when i wrote the song. Anyways, ill attach an mp3 for you, here you go!

    ice storm mp3.mp3

    What do you think of my new song - Ice Storm
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