What do you think about the mix?

Hello all composers. Do you wanna show off your knowledge in mixing? Well then please do so because I think I've only got a faint idea of what mixing really is and would like to get a little more knowledgable about it. I attached an mp3 of  the song I'd like to be dissected, 'The Wingmakers Are Trackers', and here's a link to my page here on compsersforum where you can listen to it as well.



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  • You actually remastered it?! (with only the mp3 :S) Well thanks I'm gonna have a listen.

    I listened to it and I hear a slight difference. It sounds a little more roomy. I guess it's some reverb.

  • I'm listening on some descent medium sized speakers that are around 20 years old or something. Usually I listen in our newer bigger speakers in the living room before I'm done to hear how it sounds in other speakers and most likely I'll change the mix quite a bit after listening there.

    And about the clavicord, I thought that was a guitar XD I'm not sure how a clavichord is supposed to sound but I'll learn. And I'm gonna look into what layering is as well.

    But yeah, generally I'm just looking for a little guidance on the subject because some people talk about mixing as if it is an art of its own and I usually just level everything sort of equal so nothing sticks out too much. but I guess it's like composing, if you just put some listening into it and pick up small things here and there, like with the reverb, layering and level (and the silence!) today, you get good at it eventually.

  • Ok. Thanks a lot. Right now I'm possibly going to live in a tent or hostel for a couple of months but when I live a little more stationary I'll remember that. Will fix the angle of my speakers for now.

    And also, I experimented with reverb on my own and added some to the final mix of my song and now I can clearly hear the difference. So thanks alot again.

  • Aha! too loud

  • A book- a good introduction to mixing audio:


  • Thanks

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