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Hey there,

I am the main songwriter for 2 bands in the town i live. While on is a band that plays live, the other one is a two man project a friend of me and i do together. This band is called " allis ", and we mix german indie pop stuff with different styles of metal.
The song i upload with this post is "Halb im Licht" of the Ep we just finished. It is the opener on that CD....

 I kinda did all the recording and mixing in my bedroom. I play the guitars and do the singing, my buddy does the screams. Lyrics are german....

You should know, I started recording and mixing my music 2 years ago, and my work is everything else then professional. But i try to get better.

I am very interested in what you guys may think about the songwriting,

So far, and cheerio,


Halb im Licht Final.mp3

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  • Its good, but a little everywhere

    It really could be two different songs.
    You have these nice little indie rock, kind of reminiscent of maybe The Shins or American Rejects or something like that, sections then these scream death metal sections and I feel that alone they are great, but they never really mesh together. (and at times unfortunately it even comical how much they dont go together)
    Me personally, I like both styles but I like them separately from each other. I like my indie alternative rock to be just that and my screaming hard core metal to be hard core all the time. But that just me
    Other then that, very good work. Sounds very professional, however I wouldn't put this as a opener song, it has more of a third or fourth song sound. But that just me
    Great Job
  • Hi Tyler, it's funny, how you got the point, without - I suppose so - understanding the german lyrics (I even can't make out the whole thing :) ). The song is, as far as I understood it, about contrasting issues like "to know vs. to believe", "today vs. yesterday". So the different styles - for me - fit very well together, and as the text has an ironic touch, it might have been the intention to get exactly this sensation. Besides "classical" music and jazz I hear a lot of different Pop and Rock stuff - but I am not able to categorize what I am hearing. I suppose it's mostly independent and rarely, very rarely Death Metal - the screaming makes me pretty nervous. But in this combination - with parts of relief - I like it. And you are absolutely right: Great job!
  • I am very surprised right now, and Rudi, you totally get the point. =) Thank you guys very much, i feel honored.
    You can hear some other songs at myspace.com/allis if you like.

    The genres mixture is kind of your stile and our concept, and i am totally aware of it not to fit everyones taste.
    Thats okay, its not made for everyone =) The idea is quite young and needs to grow though....
  • The myspace-Link doesn't seem to be correct...
  • Im sorry, its myspace.com/allispop !
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