Good morning fellow sonic sculptors,

I was just wondering how it works for you... Do the notes come first, or the time signature? I often find myself jotting down a rough melody before even thinking of the time. Once I have a compelling melody, I like challenging myself to apply the phrase into a time signature that doesn't really fit with the natural tendency of the phrase.

How does it work for you?

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  • For me, the only purpose of time signature is to simplify the score and make it easier to both write down and read/perform. So I focus on developing all the other elements first, and then adjust the signature - whether it becomes plain 4/4, odd 11/8 or changes every second measure depends on the piece.

    By the way, "sonic sculptor" is a neat phrase :d
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  • If you compose a waltz or tango the rhythm comes first.
  • For me ,even before the notes, a calm quiet. Searching inward. Many times looking in so far that I see and feel the parts of me I hate..or love. These feelings wear vibrations(pitch) but are much older than the notes that represent them. On the surface, I explore music with a scientific approach, but as an art, the throw the science and math out the window.
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