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What are the greatest benefits you get or hope to get from the Composers' Forum?

I'll start:
I get to be around, and learn from others who enjoy composing (this isn’t an activity I get to share with my face-to-face friends). I enjoy hearing the projects people are working on, and when people post about their favorite composers. Hearing about others’ thought processes gives me more confidence in my own. I’ve also gotten great advice for working out problems in a composition. Life events have pulled me away from composing in the past year, and I’m hoping to get inspired to get back to work.

How about you?

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Janet said something I want to repeat "I agree with both of you, Gav and Bob. As a general "rule", Gav's points are good to go by. This is especially true with what I've noticed where some people here seem go off topic with abandon. It can be difficult for the OP to feel like they have to constantly remind people to stay on topic (an off topic activity in itself). The idea of doing so may dissuade their continued participation in their own thread, or discourage others from even starting a thread."

IMO it should not be the solely the responsibility, or even primarily the responsibility, of the OP to police their own thread and be responsible for notifying people for posts they think may be off-topic. All members should consider the thread they are on and decide if a post they want to make fits in with the OP or is a diversion. If you think it is a diversion, or are not certain whether the OP will consider it a diversion, please consider contacting the OP before posting to see if they are ok with it, or please consider starting another thread.

Have to agree with Bob here. Making it too rule-bound destroys spontaneity and the "spice" that makes this place, or any other forum, fun. I was just on a sonar forum, and there was a post whose topic I forget, but it generated a long diversion about a supposedly sexist remark by one of the members, which was very entertaining. It made me read all of the replies, where I would not have done otherwise. After all, this is the internet, not some gentlemens club.

Michael, Bob, I will be moving the comments made here about staying on topic to  new thread, as I consider them off-topic for this thread. I'm looking forward to furthering that discussion there.

Janet, with all due respect, I don't think anyrthing on this thread is really off topic. You asked what people get out of this forum. People replied. some replies were a bit unexpected (the furthering of world peace), but if that is one of the things the responder gets out of this forum, why is that not an acceptable response? I do agree though that that did set off a tangent (a discussion of peace and warfare in general terms), which deserves to be moved to another thread. Although I personally don't mind if it stays. But I agree that as the originator of the thread, you have the right to decide. I just hope we don't become so hamstrung by ettiquette, that the forum becomes just another boring, specialized, technical Question and Answer Thingy.

I'm still interested in hearing from all of you how this forum is/could be beneficial to you specifically in the pursuit of composing music. Until we're better able to stay on topic, I'm going to close this thread temporarily.

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