This is a little "romantic" piece for piano I've wrote last month. The poetic title might be translated into "What the murmuring brook tells us". Any comments and critiques appreciated. Thanks for listening.

Was uns der murmelnde Bach erzaehlt.mp3

Was uns der murmelnde Bach erzaehlt.pdf

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  • Hello Franz-Josef,

    I found this lovely. Nice use of arpeggios and melody, and nice way to repeat the pretty melody and move it around between clefs. The alternating 16th and triplet 8ths in the arpeggios made the piece! Well done! Best -


  • Hello Gav,

    Thanks for your warm comment. I appreciate that you think the piece is well done.

    But I'm not fully satisfied with my composition. The piece is too modest and too close to 19th century romantic music. My ambitions were much higher when I started this composition. I thought, I can write something as good as the prelude in my Präludium und Fuge in C. But it motivates me for a new better composition.


    Präludium und Fuge in C (with improved fugue)
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  • Why don't you do the piece over with 20th century harmony?

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