You know there were those happy times back in highschool, when I propably wrote the vast majority of everything I've written, in any genre. Due to a windows breakdown and a forced disk format, I lost many many pieces, mostly drafts, but also some finished ones, for example those posted in my page. For most of these my only hope is to stumble upon a forgoten printed sheet, or they'll be gone "forever".But not this one.

Back in June of 2008 I had a simple idea. It propably was the first musical idea that I forged into a piece, for which I was proud of. I then send it with an email to a greek pianist to get an opinion. After that, this email was forgotten, until I dug it up, and what a miracle, I had my piece back!


It is something finished, and propably won't change, but I'm always open to opinions. It has some good memories with it, and taking the risk of sounding too poetic for my taste, I'd say I keep it "close to my heart".


mp3 file and sheet music (as produced back in 2008)



waltz of the wishes.pdf

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  • Nice piece. I also have similar works that I wrote back in high school; unfortunately, mine are all lost. :-( I can definitely relate to your attachment to this composition! I really like the rhythms in the left hand and the mild hemiola at m.10—it divides the first section nicely. The ending is quite nice, too; I like the graceful unaccompanied ascending line in the right hand followed by the slowing trill to the final chords.
  • Great work Spiros,
    Nothing like recalling nice good times huh! music's the best blog ever.

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