Wallander Virtual Instrument winds/brass

Hello All, I'm in the process of picking out my initial VI programs. I have a Mac Pro and Logic. Recently I saw/heard a demo of Wallander wind and brass software. It's impressive and looks easy to use. Also, it doesn't take up much space in the computer and the bundle price is pretty good! Has anyone tried this? It was presented at the NAMM show this last fall I believe so fairly new company. Thanks! PS - any other favorites for orchestration - strings...LA Strings just came out and it sounds great, considering it. I currently have GPO, it's okay but want to upgrade. Laura

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  • Thanks Ray!

    Do you think Kontakt will be in business for awhile? It's a big and pricey decision. I think it's terrible what has happened with the Giga studio investors! I'm assuming that most of the East/West take up tons of space as well, and expensive.

    It's great to have your input. Thank again!

  • You can't go wrong with kontakt 4, no matter what other other libraries you may buy in the future.

    GREAT advice! I found a bundle on their site that includes Kontakt 4 has some additional percussion and a sampling program, a few other things...Great price at $559 US. But not sure if I need all the other things right now, but might be a nice addition. The single purchase price of Kontakt 4 $379. I'm searching for a deal of course...:) There may be some educational discounts.

    Do you have preferred vendors? Musicians Friend, Sweetwater, etc....

    Thanks Ray!
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