It's not going to happen in the nearest future, still a great new, as iLok allows for cloud license storage.

Steinberg (Cubase, Dorico etc) is also going to put eLicenser in the bin.

No longer pain for lost, broken or even stolen dongles — I avoided to double VSL on laptop in case something went wrong traveling…

Here's Vienna Symphonic Library announcement at VSL forum:

VSL moving from eLicenser to iLok

Keep safe

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  • Oh bolleaux. The ilok thing is both expensive and chunky. More technical stuff to worry about.

    Luckily my SSD drives are full but for about 100G so I won't be buying any new licenses in the near future. I have no intention of using the cloud. Reliance on the internet is not on my agenda.

    Thanks for the information. 


  • Why expensive?
    (I second you on the technical stuff to worry about)

  • Last time I looked an ilok cost 2.5 times the price of an elicenser key. Then probably a slot expander to hold both keys during the transition.

    £45 for a memory stick?

  • I see.

    Yet, a physical iLok is not mandatory. You can choose for cloud store registration — I already had for some UVI synthesizers and Soundtoys plug-ins. At least, an internet connection is necessary even for Vienna-key (aka eLicenser dongle) for license validation as they are already stored somewhere in some sort of database.

    Keep safe

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