In case anyone's interested, VSL are offering this instrument at 30% off.

I couldn't resist the temptation (though I've been hoping it would be promoted for a while now).

It comes with a comprehensive pdf listing all the stops (at least 50 including a fair number of mutations/mixtures) and the many preset registrations that themselves are usable and varied. They can be augmented by adding stops in the Instrument Player's slots - or one can use the slots to make up one's own registrations. It has all the qualities of an instrument this size, like the deepest pipes take longer to speak.

As usual the matrix list can be used as a stepper.

The only thing it lacks is a means to couple manuals/pedals. The volume control CC can be used to simulate a swell box.  

VSL's site has a few demos but here's a little effort from me drawn up this afternoon once it had downloaded. A fanfare kind of thing. It would be impossible in a minute's worth to show the huge number of possibilities with the stops recorded. 

The mp3 numbs it a little.

Organ 1.mp3

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