Voices of Prague v1.5 

After many months of hard work, sweat, tears and joy, we are very proud to announce Voices of Prague V1.5 for UVI

When version one came out at the end of September 2012, we were eagerly awaiting our users feedback. We were amazed at how well VoP was received. VoP is now used by Choir masters for mock ups, University lectures in their lessons and even helped composers to get their choral works performed live by renowned choirs. It comes as no surprise that our library has also been used in TV and Games industry and we are very pleased to see that our customers are eager to put VoP into action.

We have listened very carefully to all the feedback and have been trying to come up with ways to implement all the amazing functions which our users came up with. This new and fresh perspective lead us to a simple realization. What we wanted to do couldn't (or at least we have no idea how)be done on our old platform of choice. We had so many ideas and very few solution on how to implement them. Then MachFive 3 accidently came under our radar and we got into talks with the guys who made it. We suddenly realized that functions we wanted were possible without cooking the CPU, overloading the ram or high latency. The first work on the update started and as it included a complete rewrite and brand new logic for the whole programme we got stuck into the samples as well.

Cross Grade IS FREE TO ALL EXISTING USERS. We have sent out an email to you all so you should be able to upgrade.

Special Discount Price during the launch period is $299 [RRP $399]. For more info click Here

Main Improvements: 

• Unlimited syllables

• Add and Remove Syllables whenever and where ever you want

• Control of all four voice group on one screen

• Copy Paste enabled between voice groups

• Loop function simplified

• Much tighter words and syllables (we didn't even think that it was possible, but here it comes)

• Restart for all voice groups

• Polylegato which is played with sustain pedal down and supports your inspiration even if piano isn't your best friend.

• Expert setting where you can adjust the individual cons for each voice group

  and many more........

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPQ1uf37KxQ

Demos Link: https://soundcloud.com/virharmonic/sets/vop-demos

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