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Hello Colleagues,

I am working on some music which will include a vocal part. I want to produce a soundfile of this, but don't have a vocalist, so I'm looking for a substitute. The OOHs and AAHS approach I don't much care for, looking for alternatives. Any thoughts on this?



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  • Hey Gav , check out East West's word builder plug in for their new chorus library.  I used an older version and it was a lot of work but they've updated it.  I have an example but I'm not happy with my piece and I don't want to prejudice your opinion until you see what EW has to show you.

  • Thanks Ingo!
  • A few years ago I tried the trial versions of two or three vocal emulators, can't remember their names now, without success.  The demo samples sounded surprisingly human, but I could never get my versions to sound like them.  Maybe I just needed to work with the software more.

    But there's a concept in robotics known as "the uncanny." This means that people tend to react more negatively to an android which is almost, but not perfectly, human looking than to one which is obviously not.  Robbie the Robot is cute; an almost-human looking android is creepy.  I think the same principle applies to vocal simulation:  unless it's perfect, it's going to sound worse than obviously artificial ahs.

  • Cinesamples voxos has an interesting way of adding syllables to choral work. It's pretty expensive but might do the trick.

  • Thanks Jon, I believe you are referring to "the uncanny valley," which I am familiar with. I take your point, and may end up just scoring the soundtrack to an instrument -

    Thanks Will, I'll investigate the option you mention -

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