I am shifting out of the music profession and making some major life changes in getting a maser's degree in Social Work. I will not be stopping making music, but it’s time for to let go of a project that I spent incredible amounts of time and money creating. My hope is that this will be the perfect opportunity for one of the musicians here. Having a full set of virtual instruments at my immediate disposal has been a fantastic tool for my own musical exploration and creation. 


This is a Virtual Instrument performance setup that was the cumulation of hundreds of hours of work, experimentation, trouble-shooting, and over $9,600 of components and software. I am selling the entire package for $3800. Please contact me with inquiries.


Muse Receptor Quattro rack mount VST player (original price $3500)

Presonus Audiobox VSL1818 (this is the audio interface for the Receptor- $400 value)

Terratec Producer AXON MK2 Guitar to MIDI converter (original price $750)

Roland Hex Midi Guitar Pickup (original price $200)

Samson SM10 Line Mixer (original price $250)

Furman Power Conditioner (original price $150)

TecControl Uni breath to midi controller (midi and usb connection) (original price $250)

Gator 6U hard case rack ($200)

Well over $100 worth of cabling

Over $4400 worth of VST’s Sample Modeling Software sample sets and VST effects (no joke!) including licenses (see below for detailed list)

Installing and authorizing the software alone took many, many hours. There are hundreds of pre-built and customized patches designed to be functional for live performance immediately, including the incredibly responsive SampleModeling strings and wind instruments, and the super-realistic hammersmith piano, amongst many other sample sets.

 My vison was to create a rig that would allow me to play a vast array of instrument sounds with detailed expressive control and realism. My focus was creating a system that would allow quick, comprehensive control, with a focus on use with improvisation.  I achieved my vision to a level that I was very happy with. I have had a fantastic time performing live with this setup and using it in recoring situations. Everything in this setup is high quality; the best equipment and software that I could find for controlling sounds using keyboard, guitar, breath, percussion trigger pad. The level of responsiveness with the instruments and 0 latencyis incredible! The streamlined design allows me to be set up and ready to perform in 10 minutes. All that needs to happen is plugging in a keyboard, midi pickup equipped guitar, percussion controller, and amp, all of the equipment is pre-wired in the case with the built in mixer.  The Receptor is an incredibly powerful computer built on a custom operating system designed for immediate, no-latency control and instrument switching. In choosing sample sets I focused both on incredible realism and ambient synthesizer sounds, giving a huge palette to choose from.

The software licenses alone are worth the price that I am selling this for. If you are interested in Virtual Instruments for recording, performance, or rendering of MIDI tracks in notation software this will be an incredibly comprehensive tool for you!


Software installed on the Receptor (this will include licenses, not installation files or discs). Some were pre-installed on the Receptor and do not include a separate license. I will work with purchaser to transfer licenses so that you can also install VST's and sample sets on your own computers.

Komplete 10 ($900 value)

Includes Kontakt 3 and 5

Massive 4

Guitar Rig 5

Absynth 5

Battery 4



Sample players/synths/modeling VST’s

Audio Modeling SWAM: Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello  Wind: Alto Flute, Flute, Piccolo, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax (together this collection cost $860). These are so incredibly expressive when used with the Teccontrol breath controller and a keyboard or midi guitar.

BFD eco


Pianotech 4 Stage with hand pan add on ($200 total)


Trillian (electric sample set)

Scarabee Mark 1


Lounge Lizard E-P 3 and AAS Player




Sample Tank




Sample Tron


UVI Workstation

Other sample collection purchased and installed on the receptor:


Alien Drum (hand pan sample set) ($79)

Frame Drums ($79)


Orange Tree

 Mesa Winds (Native American Flutes)($179)

Passion flute ($179)

Corebass Pear (upright bass) ($59)



Blackus Cello (currently $99)

Friedlander violin (currently $99)

Chapman Trumpet ($30)

Jubal Flute ($30)

Crystal Flute ($30)



Glass Works($189)

Hammersmith Piano ($239)

Grand Marimba ($129)

Array Mbira ($89)

Morpheus ($89)

Salumnori Percussion($89)


Noise Guild:

24 gongs ($150)


Hand Held Sound

Flying hands percussion ($179)

Mad drums ($200)


Bela D

Spritual Winds (duduk, didjeridoo, and many other ethnic wind sounds) ($200)

East West

Storm Drum 1


Many effect and other sample sets that I may have forgotten!


Terratec Axon AX100 MkII

MIDI Guitar System

The AX100 MkII system. any GK-compatible split pickup can be used. Pickup included with this package

The most powerful members of the RECEPTOR family


RECEPTOR TRIOtm & RECEPTOR QU4TTROtm : The Ultimate RECEPTORs: more power & flexibility = more music!

The first generation RECEPTOR caught on quickly among touring professionals, and since then, thousands of RECEPTORS have played the stages of the finest venues all over the world, covering all styles of music, operating in all kinds of conditions from the frozen tundras of Canada to the sweltering deserts of Dubai. The world's biggest bands and most famous performers are using RECEPTOR.

The RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO take RECEPTOR technology to the next level. These are our most powerful Receptors ever; the easiest-to-use Receptors ever, and they also has the most flexible I/O capability of any Receptor ever.

  • RECEPTOR TRIO & QU4TTRO have Muse R&D's proprietary Tetra-Coretm technology.
    With Tetra-Core processing, your plugins are dynamically balanced between the CPU cores with priority given to making music, not graphics or other less-important tasks.
  • All RECEPTORs utilizes Muse R&D's rack-oriented UI with LIVE MODE.
    First introduced with RECEPTOR VIP, the new Rack-mode UI and LIVE MODE are far simpler than the older Receptor UI, and are winning acclaim from players and reviewers alike.
  • RECEPTOR TRIO & QU4TTRO feature the most flexible I/O of any Receptor
    With the PreSonus AudioBox 1818 VSL interface, 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, ADAT digital inputs and outputs, and S/PDIF inputs and outputs, I/O flexibility steps up to the next level for the RECEPTOR line.


·        Processor: Quad-Core Intel processor, 3.9Ghz peak (QU4TTRO), 3.7Ghz peak (TRIO)

·        Drive: 2TB (QU4TTRO), 1TB (TRIO) 7200RPM Hard drive with 64MB cache, Optional 256GB SSD drive.

·        RAM: 16GB (QU4TTRO), 8GB (TRIO) of 1333MHz high-speed DDR3 RAM

·        Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Auto-ranging, Auto-power correction power supply.

·        Dimensions: 2U high (3.5" / 8.9 cm) by 11.25" / 28.6cm deep by 19" / 48.3cm wide (Case is 17.375" wide)

·        Audio interface: 1U high (x/x) ....

·        Weight: Unit weighs 14 pounds (6.3kg), 17.5 pounds (7.9kg) with pack-out kit and box.

·        8 channels line level balanced inputs (X channel mic/instrument).

·        8 channels line level unbalanced outputs.

·        ADAT optical output.

·        S/PDIF output

·        Front panel headphone output.

·        Full Size MIDI input.

·        Three USB ports.

·        VGA video output for viewing / editing software interface of plug-ins.

·        Phantom power.

·        Dedicated mic/instrument input volume control and 3 segment LED meters.

·        Ethernet port.

The RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO include the new user-interface introduced with the RECEPTOR VIP, coupled with breakthrough features that let you make use of all the power and expressivity possible with software instruments and effects without the hassles of a computer. These RECEPTORs are our new, top-of-the-line, fastest and most flexible RECEPTOR models with something for everyone.

What is a RECEPTOR exactly?

RECEPTOR is not a computer. And it's not a hardware synth or effects processor, either. RECEPTOR is a "hybrid music instrument" that serves as a stand-alone solution for running virtual instruments and effects software. With RECEPTOR, you don't have to buy a bunch of interfaces and install a bunch of drivers to start making music, since the RECEPTOR is a complete, rack-mount musical instrument and effects processor that works right out of the box. Nothing more to buy, install, or fiddle with to get working.

These RECEPTORs provide a custom front panel hardware user interface that lets you harness all the power and versatility of virtual instruments and effects with minimal hassle - no computer monitor required - making the RECEPTOR something that ALL musicians can use.

RECEPTOR is software-powered, but it employs a custom, purpose-built operating system and host application for running your software to let you make music without the worry or hassle of system conflicts, long boot and load times, slow disc messages, system hiccups, viruses, and the other stability problems that plague computers. Even better, the RECEPTOR is designed for superior playability, so your favorite virtual instruments and effects feel better than ever before.

RECEPTOR has something for every musician!

The RECEPTOR is software-based, so it can appeal to a very wide range of musicians, including keyboardists, guitarists (both electric and acoustic), vocalists, percussionists, and live sound mix engineers. And of course, if you happen to be a guitarist or keyboardist or percussionist who sings, well you'll be even more delighted because these RECEPTORs do more than one thing at once... You can process your guitar while you sing, or play that killer piano while your friend plays guitar or bass... or even process two guitars separately and simultaneously! RECEPTOR is one of those rare instruments that does many things well, yet still meets the specific needs of even the most demanding player. Here are some typical use cases.




RECEPTOR - Easy to use, yet it grows with you.

The RECEPTOR is really easy to get started with thanks to SoundFinder. But the RECEPTOR is also the most powerful and flexible system that empowers you to create complex and evocative sounds of your own. To do this, its best to view the RECEPTOR graphical user interface, which can be viewed by simply connecting a VGA monitor, USB mouse, and USB keyboard to the back of the unit. Once connected, you'll not only see all the TAGs and presets that make up SoundFinder, but you'll also see the "virtual rack" with all the available virtual instruments and effects included with your RECEPTOR.

RECEPTOR's "rack-style" interface lets create your own custom presets using a simple drag and drop paradigm. Just select a plug-in of interest, drag it into the central "rack" area (instruments on top, effects on bottom), and play. You can also edit the instrument or effect's GUI by simply clicking on it, giving you all the editing power that comes with the plug-in. RECEPTOR's GUI is immediately familiar and makes it easy to tweak the factory sounds, create complex layered sounds, or split sounds in to "zones" across a keyboard and more... And saving your creations is easy, at which point they can also be "tagged" easy recall later using SoundFinder or LIVE MODE.

incredibly easy to take advantage of the vast world of instruments and effects that are out there, without the hassle and drama of software installation.

Of course the RECEPTOR lets you load in new programs as they become available, or add new sample libraries to products like KONTAKT 5 that comes with KOMPLETE 8. The result is that your RECEPTOR can expand and grow with you. Quite simply, the RECEPTOR will likely become the most versatile and useful piece of music gear you've ever owned!

RECEPTOR - easy integration in to your current setup

RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO use the Presonus 1818 audio interface to provide 8 analog inputs with microphone preamps, 8 analog outputs, ADAT digital out as well as S/PDIF outputs.

On the back panel of the RECEPTOR , you'll find a full-size MIDI input, and a TRS footswitch jack for changing patches (use a Y-adapter to connect two switches: one for incrementing, the other for decrementing).

Also on the back are four USB 2.0 ports for connecting to a mouse or keyboard, or connecting to a class-compliant MIDI keyboard. You can connect a VGA monitor to the VGA port and view the GUI of the RECEPTOR, or view the GUI remotely over a network by connecting a computer or Wi-FI router to the gigabit Ethernet port.

Rounding out the rear panel is a universal AC power input that let's you take your RECEPTOR anywhere, thanks to the auto-ranging, auto-power factor correcting power supply.


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Ideal for stage, studio and an infinite variety of installation applications, Samson’s SM10 Line Mixer is a versatile and reliable addition to your audio setup. This internally powered, 19" rackmount metal chassis unit can be easily integrated into any existing system to more efficiently group your signals.

Check out reviews of the SM10  ($250)

The SM10 features ten channels with 1/4" stereo line inputs and a balance control for each channel. Two channels include XLR mic inputs. This allows you to blend the relative levels of stereo inputs to your liking. In addition, each channel includes a switch for +4 dBu or -10 dBV line level input.

For output, the SM10 provides electronically balanced main stereo XLR and 1/4" line outputs. The SM10 provides versatile signal routing via Main Mix, Mix B, Monitor and EFX bus outputs, as well as low noise and discrete microphone pre-amplifiers with 48-volt phantom power.

Two auxiliary sends can also be used to route signals to external effects, or create a separate mix for on-stage monitors. The SM10 features front panel headphone and monitor outputs with dedicated level controls. The mix may be audited with the SM10's 6-segment LED meter and a flexible meter/headphone source control.


The generously featured SM10 Line Mixer is right at home on stage, in studios, boardrooms, health clubs, restaurants, houses of worship, and more. Whether your interests lie in audio or video applications, the SM10 Line Mixer brings various signals together for an amazing audio experience.


USB MIDI Breath Controller

Configurable Breath Controller with USB-MIDI class compliant interface. Delivered with flexible headset including BC3-style mouthpiece. Configuration Utility and documentation available fo download on the Support page.

Top of Form

We have received numerous requests from musicians and composers to develop a replacement forYamaha's breath controller BC3A.

The result is the TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller, which has the same function as a combination of the BC3A and the “MIDI Solutions” converter box but with a USB-MIDI class compliant interface instead of the older standard DIN connector.

The USB MIDI Breath Controller uses a novel signal processing algorithm to convert the breath pressure signal to MIDI messages (CC, Pitch bend or Aftertouch) that let you add realistic expression to your performance. This is extremely useful for live performance with synthesizers and DAW’s. It gives you excellent control of volume, expression, velocity cross-fade etc… of soft synths and sample libraries.

The USB MIDI Breath Controller is fully configurable with min/max input and output ranges as well as sensitivity curve. Insensitive to ambient air pressure, it works equally well in Amsterdam and La Paz with full resolution for all input ranges.

The headset is flexible to allow bending to a comfortable shape and yet springy enough to clamp around the head, and includes a Yamaha BC3-style mouthpiece with adjustable bleed valve that can be rotated away from the mouth when not in use. The headset is now included in the purchase price and is delivered with every breath controller.



  • Software configurable min/max input and out ranges, sensitivity, MIDI channel and MIDI CC, Pitch bend or Aftertouch
  • Save and load your presets
  • Insensitive to ambient pressure
  • Full resolution for all input ranges (MIDI 0-127)
  • USB-MIDI class compliant, Plug&Play out of the box on Windows and Mac
  • USB powered
  • Configuration Utility available for Windows (XP and later) and Mac OS (10.5 and later)






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