I just joined.  I have more than 325 composition/recordings.

I use Sibelius and sound libraries to put together new compositions.  I compose to staff and then when I play back, Sibelius uses sound libraries for the actual instrument sounds.  These instruments include voilin, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, etc...electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukelele

I have been able to create big band jazz, jazz fusion, orchestra, and blue grass with real instrument sounds.  Incredible virtual bands!

Anybody interested in learning how to do this?  I am think about putting together some videos but that would obviously be a lot of work, so I am trying to figure out how many people might be interested


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    These are NOT sound libraries that come with Sibelius.  Those libraries are pretty awful.  These libraries are from Vienna Instruments,  I also use other libraries from toontrack.com (keyboards), spectrasonics,net (bass guitar), and Vir2 Instruments (electric guitar)

  • Well, I certainly only know so many people.  Of course I am aware that many people use things such as Sibelius.  As best I can tell, most people use such sound libraries from ProTools or CuBase.  I have never encountered anyone using Electri6ity, EZKeys, and Trillian with Sibelius (or even Vienna Instruments really).  These companies offer no support with Sibelius.  Avid (Sibelius) most definitely does not offer any support for the use of these sound libraries.  I just thought I could help

  • Raymond, I can't quite make out everything in your image.  I can definitely see EZKeys and Omnisphere.  You obviously don't need any help :)

    It is totally possible to create high quality material with only Sibelius.  ProTools and CuBase really require you to intensely, and deeply, study and learn.  It was more than I was willing to put forward.  The one thing that is absolutely missing with Sibelius is articulation control.  There is not really any way to do that.  I have both CuBase and ProTools so maybe someday I will get over my hesitation 

  • Raymond, my computer did indeed open up a full size version of your image.  I also see Vienna Instruments and Konkakt.  What is all of that other stuff?  What kind of incredible compositions are you creating??  50 instruments within each new work?

  • Raymond, I've got an interesting question for you.  Do you know of any Banjo sound libraries?  I have mandolin and ukelele but that particular sound library does not include a Banjo


  • Raymond

    Thanks!  It is on sale and only cost $29!  That's incredibly cheap

    Appreciate your tip very much!

  • I'm considering getting into writing in sibelius.. How is that vs the cubase 7 score editor?

  • I for one am interested in what you propose. I use Sibelius 6, but I get very frustrated most of the time with the sound results I obtain.

    I am also old fashioned like Bob, and I think once I've written a score my job as a composer is done. The production of it should be a technicians job, but I am willing to learn as there is no one about to help me.

    Thanks for your offer, looking forward to hear some stuff from you.

  • Well I'm not Gilbert and this is not Sibelius, but this is a brass sample using Finale and CIneBrass Core https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oszEUEGFnI8

    Chris Alpiar said:
    Id like to hear some stuff! Ive been doing it since 2003 and have never once heard a convincing score played back directly from sibelius or finale, human performance touch has always been required in a daw in my book, and live real instruments when possible. So id love to hear samples and see any pieces of your writing you'd like to share. I have VSL, all the east west stuff, lass, broadway big band, etc and i would love to hear a real sounding playback directly from score :-)
  • Hi Rodney

    Listened to your piece on Youtube.

    Liked it. But this is a means to an end, namely getting a band interested in playing it.

    Used Sibelius to produce an mp3 of my piece but delighted to get even a rehearsal run through with mikes not well placed and a little rough round the edges.

    Have attached first minute as virtual sound vs real players. I know which I prefer.


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