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Jörgi was kind enough requesting to see my Viola Sonate.

It has 3 movements and is 13min 21sec long.

Music is attached.  The score is hand written so it is large in size.

Please go to: IMSLP

               Ruşen Güneş and Judith Uluğ(piano) played the Viola Sonata at BORUSAN Kültür Sanat Office in April 2001 for the first time.  It has been performed by Frau Antje Hammacher's students Michael Karamandi (Heidelberg) - KlavierRagna Heyne (Neckargemünd) - Viola. more than 6 times at various locations in Germany for Jugend Musiziert Wetbewerb in 2016.



                I can hardly recall.  It was the winter of 1989 in Illinois.  I was a student of the composer Roque Cordero for six months already.  He insisted that I should concentrate on writing good music rather than any music.  He said "There are thousands of composers and it's no point to become just one of them".  It was frustrating, we could not proceed more than eight bars in any piece that I carried to him.


                One night that winter, we went to the school cinema with a friend of mine, Maria.  It was terribly cold and it was raining ice.  After the movie, we took a short walk in the university squad.  Everything was frozen, like an ice palace.  The trees, the branches were shining with ice.  We had difficulty walking on the ice, we held onto each other not to fall down.


                I wrote the second movement of the Viola Sonata in three days after that night.  Dr. Cordero was a little bit astonished and said "OK this is not bad but you should write it again and make it more elaborate and tender" moving his hands in parallel from up to down and showing elaborations by moving his fingers.


                The Second Movement was performed as a standalone piece by Tuba Özkan(viola) and Seher Tanrıyar(piano) under the auspices of Teri Mason of BORUSAN Kültür Sanat Office in May 2000.  It was one of the moments of my carrier as a composer that Viola artist Ruşen Güneş listened it.  After the concert, he said he is arranging concerts of viola works and then asked me if I would write something.  I said I would love to write a first and third movement and make it a Sonata.


                Ruşen Güneş and Judith Uluğ(piano) played the Viola Sonata at BORUSAN Kültür Sanat Office in April 2001 for the first time.

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Oh, you didn't have to go to all this trouble! (Although I'm very glad you did, lol.)

I can't wait to dig into this, hopefully later today!



Thank you for your interest.  I am a little doubtful about music being a hobby.  I have a MM degree from Illinois State University (Roques Cordero and Arthur Corra)  and a prelicence degree from Istanbul Mimar Sinan Conservatoir(Erçivan Saydam and İlhan Usmanbaş).  I also had a MSc in Electronics from Istanbul Technical University.  The Double major concept did not exist in my education time so I had to use a lot of exceptions. 

It is true that I have been able to make a too small amount of money through music accept working at Illinois State University as a research assistant.  The fact is too few composers make a living by writing music.  So, I do not consider myself doing a hoby. I did write a short film music though once upon a time. Oh, I forgot I established and directed a couple of choirs for some money also.

I simply do not teach at any music school but have made my living mainly as an engineer till my retirement.  I sometimes enjoy giving a short lecture at Mimar Sinan University Conservatoire.

I would like to hear from you on FB where we can chat in Turkish also.

Thanks again.

Hi Albayrak, please conduct conversations in English -

Gav Brown

CF Site Administrator

Albayrak mustfa said:

Nice piece. I liked the slow movement more. gerçekten başarılı bir sonat, altı kez seslendirilmesine sevindim. Burada kendi ülkemden birini görmek güzel. sanırım şuanda besteciliği hobi olarak yapıyorsunuz?

Good work Ali, great playing and a good recording too, thanks for posting this.

Thank you Ingo,

I appreciate your interest.


Ingo Lee said:

Good work Ali, great playing and a good recording too, thanks for posting this.

Ali, good morning,

I can only echo the comments of others here - a splendid work well performed and recorded. You didn't include a score but the additional material was interesting. It opens plenty of avenues of discussion, even if based on Freud's model of "the mind". It took me back to days of disbelief that deep concentration on the anatomy of playing to achieve superior finger independence at the piano would work - but it did, and how!? Plus the insistence on practising slowly until passages could be played perfectly at slow speed, intermixed with an occasional try at faster speeds to see where your hands and arms would eventually be.Then speed it up a bit. It takes some analysis but is well worth it. Most finger independence exercises I did were away from the keyboard.

.Thank you for a pleasant listen.

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