• Very original concept.

    I love wine, and I love this recording.

    You are truly an artist, and very much appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Brandon,

    nice music you have put together here. How did it started? Did you play the themes on some instrument or did you create from the score?

    The score is not visible. Maybe you should try to utilize the full screen somehow. Maybe divide the score into two parts displayed in parallel?

    I listened to the full piece in a rather focused mode. I discovered nice chords, interesting instrumentation and evoking events. Quite impressive to make such a long pice all through with quality.

    Although I maybe miss some polyphony. The instruments work well together but they never play by their own, in parallel so to speak.

    It has a unique character, I cannot associate with anything, in time or with any composer. That is a good assesment.

    Look forward to the second movement.



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