Viet inspired tune

Being that I have a fondness in my heart for Vietnamese things, I thought I would look into the traditional music (court music, as it is) of the country. I tried listening at first, but, well, that was hard as I don't find the music really all that approachable (to my western ears). However, I did give a good effort and found a paper published online that explains some of the tonal aspects. To that end I have made a short piece that I hope at least captures some imagined essence of the spirit. I have decided that I would have to go the "inspired" route and make it orchestral because I really don't know how long or hard I would have to study to make a fully traditional piece. 



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  • It's very appealing.

    The simplicity of this kind of music is something Western music lost a long time ago. This music is not unlike the kind of music you'd have heard in ancient Egypt or Rome.

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