Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 & Kontakt Player

Hi All

Anyone using VEP 7 & Kontakt? I've just upgraded from Vienna Ensemble to VEP 7 but I can't figure out how to use the KP properly with it. Specifically, In Dorico I have five tracks, each connected to the same VEP instance. In the vep server instance I have the Kontakt player loaded as a plugin with five separate instruments on channels 1-5. Problem is I can only get playback from channel 1, nothing from the other channels.

Compare this with using Padshop 2 as a vep plugin. I can have five instances of padshop on channels 1-5 in vep and there is no problem with playback from any channel. 

So I must be doing something wrong with Kontakt. If anyone has any idea of what I'm doing wrong I would be greatfull for a heads up.

Cheers, Colin D

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  • Good post, Tim. There are always many ways to use music software. We each must find what works for how we ourselves work (i.e. workflow), what kind of system we have, and whether we like to keeps things simple or gravitate more toward complexity.

    I use GPO, EWSO Gold, Vienna Special Edition 1, Cinematic Strings 2, Appasionata Strings (Vienna Synchron Player Edition), And also some sounds from the Dimension Pro Synth from Cakewalk, which has some good stuff on it for classical composers. Here's my method:

    One Aria synth, for GPO (not multi). Usually I have a few patches on it.

    One Play synth for EWSO Gold. again, just a few patches.

    One instance of either Vienna Ensemble, or Vepro. I have maybe 8-10 patches typically. VI sounds are just better.

    One Kontakt Player, for Cinematic Strings.

    One Synchron Player for each string group in Appasionata Strings. Synchron Player is not multi-timbral.

    One Dimension Pro for each patch I use there.

    One to a few instances of Epic Orchestra (Synchron Player), mostly the cornet or a string bass patch

    I use controller events when possible to change articulations, or keyswitches where CC events aren't a possibility. I hate keyswitching, as it results in weird notes all over the place, and I work a lot in Cakewalk's staff view.

    This results in 10-15 vsti's. Some have just one instrument, some a few, some a lot. My system is an i7 with 32 GB ram, and two WD Black HDDs, 1 TB each, with most of my samples on the second drive, except the ones that insist on being on the first. And Windows 7 Pro, which I plan to keep using indefinitely (this system is dedicated to music, and is offline by default. I have the Pro version of Malwarebytes on it, so I have little fear of using it past Windows 7 EOL in about a month).

    This setup works great for me and my workflow. Some people have up to 128 GB ram, with two or more computers hooked up, 50-100 vsti's, etc. But I like to keep it simple. To match my level of technological ability.

  •  When I built my computer I had 16gb of memory in it. The MOBO I bought has provision for 128gb of memory. 

    I've never had the need to add any more. I suppose I'm just a small composer in terms of building mixes. I started out as an acoustic player who likes smaller group arrangements most of the time. I have no one to please but myself in tracks for anyone but me.

    Having said that  my system is capable of some large mixes as it is. I've never pushed it that far. As a way to go around a bunch of that a person can always use an ensemble patch instead of loading 20 violas and 20 violins. Depending on the mix the average person won't know.

    Colin is quite the composer and he makes some killer material. Who am I to say anything about how he does what he does? I admire anyone with this depth of commitment to their work.

  • Hi Colin,

    I just saw your call about VE Pro 7 and Kontakt (with multi). I finished some sort of tutorial last week on this tough topic. It may not be perfect, but I've tested it and it works. So I'm glad to send here a copy of the tutorial. Unfortunately, my DAW is Studio One Pro (and not Dorico). But the principles will be the same.

    Hope it works for you,


    StudioOne with VE Pro and Kontakt multi.pdf
  • Hi

    Thanks, I'll give it a go. Colin

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