Vienna Dimension Brass

Vienna have recently released their new brass plugin. Simultaneous, but indivudual sampling to catch the timbre interactions? But of course! It sounds awsome.

I'm always reluctant to spend large sums of money, and at just short of £500, this counts as a large sum for me (student). Has anybody encountered great brass, without that hefty price tag? Preferably not Kontakt hosted



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  • Hmm well I've never really been that big a fan of the sound of Vienna's brass.


    Great brass available now: -


    Spitfire Albion (only ensembles but stunning sound from top London players recorded in AIR Studios)

    CineBrass (again top players but this time in the Sony Scoring Stage in LA)

    Hollywood Brass (another lib with amazing sound engineered by the legendary Shawn Murphy)


    In terms of sound I'd say they're far nicer than Vienna Dimension Brass. CineBrass is Kontakt hosted. Albion is also Kontakt but comes with the free player. Hollywood Brass uses the EW PLAY engine but also requires an iLok dongle.


    Hope that helps!

  • I am transitioning samplers from Akai S600s to Vienna Symphony player.  do you know if I can export my midi files from Protools and import to VSL player to use their proprietary player and high quality orchestra samples? 

  • I'm pretty sure you need actual 'sequencing' software, like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc.

  • I've used Miroslav Philharmonik as a vst for brass instruments, and for most of my instruments for that matter (excluding choir) and it works very well :)

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