• Hi Marvin,

    A decent pop/rock tune. Maybe a Neil Young influence? I think it could have benefited from your voice being a little higher in the mix, but it is also ok as is, other than the end, which seems cut off. Thanks for posting!


    • Thank you for listening and for responding,Gavin. 


  •  This isn't bad at all.  People don't really do music like this anymore, it seems.  Though it's not really in that style, the chords and lyrics remind me a little of something Pink Floyd might do with more electric guitar and sweeping instrumentals.  

    For suggestion, your voice gets drowned out in parts.  Maybe the levels need adjusted a bit in those parts.  I also agree with Gav.  For my ear, that last chord would have been better strummed and let ring.  

    Usually I don't critique much on composition.  What I like, the next guy may hate and vice versa, so I don't think it's fair.  But if I was producing this song, I would have you put in a third part for one round, maybe right after the solo break.  It would break things up a bit and make the return to the original more dramatic.  I also always like it when a song's melody changes (not drastically, just a note here or there) or harmony is added on the last round.  

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for listening and for your input, Douglas! I usually write a poem and try to set it to music. My performance skills are, I know, limited and would much rather just write. Thanks again for being honest and open.

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