• No big whoop, one might say.

  • It is a very good resource for composers. As Ray said, it is more about the tools than the music, but the tools are important if you use computers to make music. Sample library developers (who are also composers, btw) have a strong presence, but they are up close and personal and you can interact with them to discuss their products and offer suggestions. Unfavorable posts are not censored, even when they concern products advertised on the forum.

  • Thanks Ray.

    All this Hoosier talk is making me homesick. I grew up where the cornfields met the brown haze of the Gary Works, although the air is much cleaner up there these days!

    Raymond Kemp said:


    Seeing you post here reminded me I needed your latest product.

    btw I love Delta Blues


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    A friend recently recommended I go to this site (sort of a back handed way of telling me Your samples suck buddy  I did already know that by the wa…
  • For the most part its informative.

    Though it is saturated with young bloods 35yrs or below who for the most part are making a living or trying to make a living as a media composer....More power to them...BUT, on the other hand, tends to hold back their  pure creativity when marketing to the mASSes...Sell their soul to the Market Man.


    ((There, is a population of many library developers making commercial announcements, here none.)) ++1

  • I think the comment, "Sell their soul to the Market man", is unfair. There is no shame in putting your God-given talents and skills to use to feed your family or make a living in general. If someone feels that they were born to compose music, and people are willing to pay them for their work, then as you said more power to them! Wasn't Bach paid? Mozart? Beethoven? A media composer is a media composer, whether the media is opera, ballet, or 21st century cinema.

    Back to OT, there is an emphasis on commercial applications at the other forum to be sure. Which is why THIS forum is important; to help us remember why we started composing in the first place. For the joy of it!

  • [[I think the comment, "Sell their soul to the Market man", is unfair.]]

    No debate!

    Everyones entitled to their opinions.....even yours!

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