Wil iemand die GEEN Finale heeft of gebruikt heeft (die dus niet de Maestro fonts op zijn computer heeft staan) een bestand van mijn site downloaden? Ik zie iets raars staan bij de embedded fonts in de pdf en ik vraag me af of de partituur gewoon oogt, of dat de noten vervangen zijn door rare tekens. Het gaat om deze link: en dan "Download" onder Autumn.

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  • Oops, sorry. In English, please check the link and download the pdf beneath "Autumn" to see if the score looks alright. But only if you yourself don't have Finale installed on your pc. I'm having troubles with embedding fonts.

  • I am very impressed with this offering Rowy. Like myself you seem to give a lot of your work away. These are all playable by average musicians which makes them especially appealing to all who play. The only thing I will mention is that multi flatted keys are not  as friendly to play on the violin. Yes we should be able to play them, they just aren't our first choice for a key to play in.

    The ranges are more than possible for any player.I can't speak for viola since I think it's tuned in C with fingerings totally different than violin. To me it seems it might be similar with respect to the keys using lots of flats just in a different way. 

    When I looked at these I immediately thought I might download them to use as practice pieces on the violin. 

    Nice website. I went over it. Looks to be very informative in many areas. Since this is "analysis and critique" I have only offered analysis. I have no critique other than obviously the instruments are synhesized. Even so, they are more than adequate to relay the music. As to music construction, I have already offered the only thing I noted as a violinist. This does not preclude me attempting it, I just need to slide my finers over a few mm to play in those keys with good tonation. Will take some effort for me. Maybe not with a different player.

    Thanks for sharing these. The piano parts are excellent as well.

    • Thanks, Tim, but I wasn't sharing. I'm having a technical problem. I noticed something strange in the PDF and I was afraid the Maestro fonts weren't embedded. I guess you could read the score, so my question is, do you have Finale on your pc? If you have, you already have the fonts, so even if the pdf is corrupted, you will be able to see the score.

      • Initially I was throwing up these ????????????? to your response. It would not be the first time a man has not understood a woman. :) and yes it goes the other way around too. I had to re read.

        I understood you to say You INTENDED to share but are having technical problems. I could see th score but did not attempt to download yet. No worries. I don't want to be the source of grief in any way. Good luck on the repairs. I'm up to my gills on Christmas music for Sunday right now and probably would not have time to play them until next week.

        Have a good evening.


        • Thanks, Tim. To avoid any possible problems I will make new PDFs.

          • Thanks. No worries.

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