This is a recording of myself performing my latest piano work.

Venetian Gondola Song In G minor

I have written several of these Venetian Gondola Songs. Two are In A minor and this one is the latest in G minor.





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  • A polished and listenable piece that seems to combine gentle melancholy with gentle pleasure.  To me, though, it seemed almost to have a more Slavic feeling than Italian.

    • Thank you Jon for your comments,

      I'm not sure why you think it's slavic, perhaps it has a something that is reminiscent to a Mazurka or a Nocturne?




      • Yes, it strikes me as somewhat Chopinesque, like some other of your pieces.  I'm not sure Slavic is the right term for what I felt, it's just something about the bend of the notes that felt farther north than the sunny shores of the Mediterranean.  Anyway, it's a successful piece.


        • Thanks,



  • I can "see" the gondola scenery when listening to this. There's a sad feeling on the melody. Something like someone is saying goodbye or some sort. Very beautiful indeed.


    • Glad you enjoyed it Sam,


      Thank you for your comments,





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