Hi All

Here's a new piece I've just completed. As the title suggests it's a waltz (or at least it's in 3/4) but it's not meant to be indicative of Catalonian music - rather it's just a celebration of my trips to Barcelona.

It's in A minor and is scored for 2 nylon string guitars, 12 string guitar (or similar), upright bass and castanets.

In the score I've separated out the bass line on the nylon guitars from the plucked chords purely for reasons of readability - I originally had them on the same stave as a separate voice but it looked pretty messy.

The guitar vst I used didn't have any strumming presets so I had to do it the hard way. The strumming parts appear as a single chord marked rasgueado

The guitar vst was pretty decent and was from Magix's Independance free sample. Unfortunately it no longer works with Dorico after I upgraded to OS Mojave but fortunately I had already generated the wav files before upgrading.

Below is link to it on my Soundcloud page along with the score and the mp3 - enjoy. Colin

Soundcloud Link: Vals Catalunya

ps - I've tried 3 times to upload the score but it keeps throwing an error.

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  • Hi

    I'll try again with the score:

  • Hi Colin, if you send me the score, I will assist -


  • Colin's score:


  • I enjoyed this track!

    I liked the interplay between the guitars and indeed it did remind me of a trip to a place Like Barcelona. The backing part which seems to serve as mainly the rhythm guitar starts to grow on me after awhile. The Boom cha cha. Though it fits perfectly well here.

  • You set a really nice care-free atmosphere with this Timothy. Music almost always conjures pretty specific imagery for me. I see a beautiful young lady with long black hair in dark sunglasses cruising along a high twisting scenic coast line road in an old 1950's convertible... 

    I'm sorry I have nothing critical or constructive to offer... Nice work!

  • Hi All

    Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. Much appreciatd. Colin

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