Hi guys. I am sure most of you have more knowledge regarding this kind of things. I am working on my Game industry oriented portfolio as a composer/sound designer. The problem is that my first two game titles are still in development and I have not got any footage that I can use as a background for my work. How does it work with using others footage, such a game trailers, available for the public on youtube etc... How does it look like from the legal side. In fact it wouldn't be used for profit and obviously I would add an information and a link to the creator for every sample that would be used. I sent some requests to game publishers for using some short samples of their game trailers, most refused and still waiting to hear from others. I don't get it. Samples are not good quality, they are not losing their profit this way, and additionaly its a kind of a promotion for them. Can any one help? Thanks :)

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  • Do not ever assume you are doing anyone a 'favor' - you simply cannot use anything you don't own in a public forum/
    broadcast, like YouTube. Ask yourself what would happen if a major corporation used your music in a game trailer
    w/o notifying you? Or if someone used your sound design elements on a million dollar television adv. because
    they found them online? Any broadcast of copyrighted work w/o permission these days is asking for a smack,
    and could hurt your chances of ever getting work.

    Respect the value of the work of others, and expect to be treated with the same.

    However, I know people who have taken available footage from trailers & scenes of all sorts to use in demo
    reels that go straight to potential employers. When used in a private demo, make sure to note that the footage
    used is for "demo purposes only". One of my film classes had to replace all of the foley, dialogue, music & sound
    design in a scene, and later put it on their reel... but never posted it online.
  • Thanks Scott :)
    It is really helpful.
    I agree with you, that I didn't like the fact if someone could use my work without permission. And I don't like at all idea of using someone else's work to prove your skills
    You just know how the business is, it is a closed circle when you try to break into. You need a good showreel to start, but you cannot make good showreel if you are not in the business already ..... and so on.

    I should rather ask a question if it's forgivable among composers if you use such a background sample (if you do not have your own footage yet) just to showing your skills directly to an employer.

    But anyway I am not convinced to use any sample at all.
    I think anyway, that its better if I wait even a year for project to finish and use my own footage with piece of mind. :)

    Thanks again
  • I think its somewhat common to use other footage for a _private_ reel, something that you might send to someone directly and explaining to them what it is. Its kind of taboo still, but not as bad as using it publicly on your website or something. I have used clips from films I auditioned for and was rejected on (i.e. I made it through the initial audition process(es) and they sent me clips to score) but never outright someone elses work that I had nothing to do with
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