Unusual Film Scores

I'm on a bit of a personal informational search to uncover/identify the most unusual, non-standard, non-film-production-music-y, strange, experimental, avant garde, or sound design-oriented film scores that have been created. Obscure indies, foreign, shorts, animation... doesn't matter the source. Essentially, I'm looking for titles of movies whose scores are both a bit 'out there' and don't scream 'film music' (or pop or rock or the like in the case of more song-based scores).

I've noticed that even some of the strangest movies don't necessarily have the strangest sounding score to match. And, for instance, Phillip Glass sounds pretty tame in film score form. Well crafted, but still pretty tame.


Any ideas? Or are my ears just way too accustomed to unusual sounds?

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  • Nice... some interesting choices here. I'll have to look into these. Interestingly, I have seen both Donny Darko and The Seven Samurai, and for the life of me can't remember what the music sounded like. I know... shame, shame on me!
  • the score for "book of eli" was pretty odd (and awesome), the score for "The leet world" (the OST, it was a webseries) was fantastically original, one of the best pieces of music I have heard in my life.
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