Unused old melody/subject

Yesterday in the chat room I had brought up that I had a melody/subject that I had kicking around since my high school days, which is more than twenty years ago. It was suggested that I post it here for some feedback. I have given it some treatment a couple of months ago (in the course of trying to educate a beginner adult student on the possibilities of harmony and rhythm). I do have an external link to the online sequencer where I made that development: http://onlinesequencer.net/44099#

I have been hanging onto this little thing for years and years without commitment to taking it anywhere, not because I think it is bad, but because I am so attached to it that I have fear of doing anything bad with it. You could say it is my "white whale."

I am anxious to see what this forum has in store for this. No holds barred.



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  • It's definitely there...I checked and re-checked it. It's in my player on my page. I dunno. I appreciate any extra lengths you would go through for this. I certainly didn't wish it to be more than point/click. I value your time and your input.

  • Okay, let me have another go with the file.


  • Bob, thank you so much, that was an eye opener. Some of the harmonies  I wouldn't use (or maybe use differently), but your use of rhythm really gets me going. That was great. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I hope I can repay it some day. Hey, if you wanna keep going with it, be my guest. I've never collaborated with a composer before.

  • Sorry, been offline for two days (service outage). Been fighting with my service provider. Will get back on this.

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