Two Pianos + Orchestra

Hello everyone!

Wanted to share with you my latest composition written for two pianos and orchestra. The pianos are played alternately, with instruments from the orchestra commenting the themes and even started their own conversation. Your opinon is higly welcomed!

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  • Very well done Sam, nicely written and orchestrated. I find myself wanting to hear more soli or even a concerto style from the pianos especially but this works quite well as is.  Good work!

    • Thanks so much for listening and giving your thought. For a concerto style I have posted here as well a couple months ago. Perhaps you commented on it, I don't remember. But, a piano concerto with double pianos, that could be something to think of.

      • I shouldn't have said concerto, I was thinking of some short soli passages to vary the texture. If this piece is meant as a 'slow' movement of a longer work or as an underscore work you might not want that. And really it's good just as it is.


        • Oh, okay. I see your point. Thanks, anyway.

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