Two out of three pieces

I tried to do some stuff with orchestra again - mixt with a small amount of electronics. I would like to have a set of three pieces which at least match a little bit. But until know I am stuck with two. I would love two hear what your impressions of the first two are and and if you have some inspiration for a concluding last track feel free to share your ideas! take care, Joël

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  • JR, this strikes me as a lead in to something, but what? Nothing developed.

    The fuse was lit, but it needs to ignite something. Stay with it, dream on it and

    maybe a vision will 'happen' and then.... who knows      RS

  • You have an interesting sound with a good mix of instruments and some pleasant melodies.  As Roger has said, the first piece is short and kind of static, it sets a mood or scene and then doesn't do anything else.  I notice you said there were two pieces and I see that your page has a second piece so I clicked on it, and I can basically repeat my first two sentences but say that the second piece is different and a little longer, but both of these are basically "pads", kind of a background for something. There's nothing wrong with that but if that's your intention you should tell us that and maybe let us know what you had in mind here.

    I notice you didn't give us a score, and the site moderators have requested that you clearly indicate or upload what your selections are, I expect some people wouldn't bother to look for your second piece on SoundCloud.  You obviously have talent but if you want us to take time on this I think you should make more of an effort yourself.

  • I liked the first piece, didn't go looking for the second. Would have to agree with the above. It's a start. It needs a melodic theme of some kind that you can carry over.
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