• Nice work. Would sound really good with some real instruments.

    One quibble ( actually two, one for each track)

    First track started off kind off folky prog rock and very interesting but I felt it lost it's way a bit and went into some fairly standard 'jazz' progressions which seemed out of place.

    Second track also very interesting and more jazzy overall but then a section came in with a pretty standard circle of fifths thing which I felt kind of detracted from the originality.

    Enjoyed listening though.

  • Listened to the first one and really enjoyed it - lots of levels of musical detail.

    Tell us more about this music. Is it live musicians? Did you score or sequence all the parts? Do you have a specific background in this type of folk music, as it sound like it is written by somebody with experience?

  • Really, really love the first one! I've never heard anything like it, especially the guitar riffs. I think it was a bit long and it lost its way with some of the transitions, but all in all it is a very good song! I didn't enjoy the second one as much, but I liked it as well. Would have been nice to hear maybe a little more bass in these songs, then again I don't know much of anything about jazz, so within that genre bass might just be a lot more subtle than in other genres. Thank you for posting this!

  • Thank all of you for your feedback :)


    Ah yes, I can really relate to that. Often when I lack inspiration I'll reach out for more standard progressions and I'll try and make something out of those. Woodwind was very much me just trying out some new things, like using a banjo and changing the tempo (if only just by half).

    With Spring is Coming the only excuse of going for a standard circle of fifths thing was the deadline. I had only a couple of days left to finish writing and mixing the tune. So that's why I chose for the easy way out, hehe.


    There are no live musicians involved :) It's all sampled instruments. I make all my music in FL Studio using sample libraries (mostly Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3). I did sequence all the parts individually, note for note using a piano roll. And no, I don't have a specific background in this kind of music, but thank you! With Woodwind I was really just trying some new things, and it's also one of the first times I was going for something folky and progressive.

    I basically had a vague idea of what I wanted in the tune, and I tried to follow up on that. The only 'experience' I have is listening to some folk tunes :)


    Thank you! :D Indeed, I usually mix my bass a little subtler, 'modeling' after some of the jazz albums I've heard. I find that if I mix the bass louder, it often interferes with other instruments. But that is just a case of equalizing, of course, which is something I'm still learning to use more properly :)

  • That being the case, you're very talented!

    The switching time signatures also made the piece so much more interesting than a lot of the non-classical pieces presented here.

  • Thanks again! :D

  • Very good idea ... I really like the first track...

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