Twelve Little Piano Pieces is a compilation of a series of piano compositions I wrote during the period of 2011. All the pieces are arranged for solo piano and the difficulty level ranges from easy to intermediate.

I am glad to present this before my fellow members in the composers' forum for their critical analysis and suggestions.

Here is the book: Twelve Little Piano Pieces.pdf

(If you like each pieces in different sheets please visit My Wordpress Page)

Pieces (in the order they appear in the book)

Butterfly Village.mp3




Afternoon Porch.mp3



Bedtime Stories.mp3


Mighty Gallops.mp3

White Lilies.mp3

Dancing Rabbits.mp3

Much thanks for your time.

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  • I listened to several of these pieces and they sound like they'd be fun for piano students to play and/or sight-read while being a little challenging as well.  

  • Hi Aras, thank you for hearing the pieces and expressing your opinion.

  • Agree with the other comments here.  What I like is the unpredictability, the sudden twists and turns away from what you expect.  Just the sort of thing I want to do with my piano music.  I would like to hear a longer piece of yours.

  • Thank you Charles. Its really inspiring to read your comment. Its a heavenly feeling  if somebody teach/learn our work.

    Thank you David. This is my first work. I am also waiting for long, better pieces to happen. Thank you for the like.

    Thank you for the like Alya.

  • I'll just comment on one small part of one piece.

    In Butterfly, I greatly enjoyed the twist in the melody that occurs in the eighth second.

    It's "Prokofievesque," which is the greatest compliment I can pay to any piano piece.


    I'll add:

    It's very nicely recorded as well.

    I enjoyed "Labyrinth," also, which I just heard this minute.

    Thank you for sharing these pieces with us.

  • There are very well written piano pieces. Very cute!  There are attractive for all piano students! 

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