Tune- Across The Atlantic

 In making this I attempted to pattern off of Irish Traditional music. After listening to this several times after the upload I realize a few things-

The parts are occasionally walking on one another. In ITM there usually isn't counter point, so that was a bold leap for this type of music.

I know I need to clean the parts up some. I didn't use a metronome or lock anything to a tempo and it shows in places. 

Before I jump into editing it I was looking for suggestions.




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  • Update- Removed bouzouki part which was not helping the music

                 Removed the drum part and re tracked a new bodrhan drum part

                 Panned violin center until it plays with the flute

                 Added a low drone

                 Re mastered


  • Hi Tim,

    The beauty of your music's pattern makes me feel like a little child.  Well done against all odds in details.

    Please for ruther indulgence: https://imslp.org/wiki/Patterns_(Saral%2C_Ali_Riza)

    Humilde gracias


  • Very nice, Tim. Once I got into the 'dance mood' I got dissolved into its light, easy charm.

    I see what you mean about counterpoint/counter melody at around 2'22" and that's fine. Altogether an easy piece to engage with. Were you playing the main part?

    All the best. Stay well,


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