Trying to Reveal The Inner Feeling

Hi all. This is my latest piece I composed. The idea is trying to portray an inner feeling at one moment, where it begins with a chaos or some sort, and then a little bit of calmness, before re-entering the first state again. Your listening and commenting, if any, will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I don't think I can usefully comment, since I don't really understand this kind of music.  But maybe something I can share is that it in ways reminded me of this classic.

    • I listened to Word Jazz, and I thought it has some variety of the music in the background. Can't really grasp the esssence due to the talking on the front, but I get what you mean by not really understanding this kind of music. I'm myself still leaning it to widen my horizon of sound, in a way. Thanks for listening, anyway.



  •  I liked this track a lot; it has a very cinematic feel to it and is very coherent all the way through. I think it totally accomplished the objectives you explained in your intro.  Around about bar 80 or so, I heard the introduction of a rhythmic patter of some kind which made me think of feet hitting concrete, specifically somebody running, which then makes me think "running away? if so, from what?", so there's an open-ended and somewhat mysterious storyline you've created and it seems like it's up to the listener to fill in the blanks, which is very engaging.

    The only constructive critique I would offer has nothing to do with the composition itself, but rather with the mixdown. Overall, it sounds very "far away" to my ears, and I especially notice that with the cymbal crashes, which sounded like the equivalent of being recorded in a different room.  Did you apply any mastering to the track?  If not, I might suggest looking at some compression and dynamics; the composition is so strong and gripping, my ears would really appreciate hearing more "pop" and intensity in the mix. That would do the composition more justice, I think. Just my 2c and I hope that's helpful.  Cheers!

    • One footnote comment: I listen to a lot of "doom ambient" music (yes, that's a thing) which tends to include a disproportionate number of artists from Scandinavian countries like Norway and Iceland - artists like Svarte Greiner (their album "Knive" is a classic in this sub-genre, IMHO), Elegi, Deaf Center, Erik K. Skodvin, Marcus Fjellstrom, Otto Totland and others. I think your clip compares well to that milieu. 

      • Wow, thanks for mentioning those artists. I will look them up. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for listening, Frank. Glad to know your thought on the piece, which I believe may vary in everyone's mind, and I totally agree that anyone can fill in the blanks as they want while listening. I didn't do much mastering on the whole track, but I did some EQ and compression on certain tracks that needed them. Your input, however, is indeed helpful and well noted.


  • Hi Sam,

    It's definitely inner and chaotic, so I think you achieved your goal there. Did I hear a hint of really old Pink Floyd?


    • Thank you so much, Gavin. Honestly, I have never listened to Pink Floyd, but I guess you did find their color or something in the piece.


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