I had a composition session in the new musescore 4 with its new free sounds, and it resulted in some orchestral sketch, I like their new sounds, they need more development tho, they are kinda buggy, unbalanced, I can't export in wav without problems... but I love their sound, I hope a great future for them. The piece is an orchestral sketch, it needs more work and instruments btw. It has no reverb, everything is by default, no panning, I didn't move the mixer faders, it needs more balance imo. If this achieve the norteperformer's responsiveness, balance and intelligence... man.


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  • Yes, the articulations you've used sound most pleasant. Although if you'll allow me to be honest, the instrumentation sounds a bit muddy here and there...did you go straight into orchestral score (as opposed to starting with a short score / piano track)? However, you already recognise that a little more work is necessary to get the clarity and balance this piece can yield.

    Musically there are some nice harmonic progressions and decorations. You know what you're doing composition-wise, so no comment on that except it's good! Basically the instrumentation sits brilliantly with the musical style which is 'rich', almost "Bantock-esque" in parts.

    It'll also be interesting to hear your appraisal of some of the less common articulations/samples, like with the woodwinds, the portato v staccato v legato.. (I'm unlikely to take on Musescore myself, already having some notation software for the engraving end but it does seem to be competing at a pretty high level now).

    All the best,

  • Thanks for your comment Dane. I did the strings first then I started thinking in more instruments. Maybe it has an excess of mid/mid-low range activity, some strings are moving while in the same range I have chords in brass or woodwinds in that range (basson/french horn), or maybe the chords are too loud? I don't know.

    The sounds are all in legato/portamento by default, no need of expression slurs, I hope they fix that. I didn't want to share the score I have because is an enharmonic mess because in some point I started to just introducing notes with the digital piano without editing too much, but it's here: https://musescore.com/user/39915616/scores/9206043/s/CjsV4Z

    I recommend you to not hear the audio file of the site of the score but the one of the youtube video, because now it has a problem exporting these sounds and some notes just can't stop playing! so better to hear the youtube audio instead.

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  • A beautiful work, both in terms of the composition and the rendering. This certainly sounds more like a real orchestra than NotePerformer, especially in the strings, even if it does lack clarity from time to time. The new Musescore 4 even got itself a major thread on the Dorico 4 forum where there was unanimous agreement that the new library is the best free one on the market but unfortunately the software itself seems to have been rather rushed out with a lot of major bugs still to be sorted -- you yourself have also suggested this. Still, Musescore is certainly going places.

    • Thanks David!, yes it sounds better than the noteperformer sounds but they are not equal responsive, NP still the best for notation just because it responds excelent, but yes, its sounds don't have the best audio quality, lacks of some frequencies (low) it sounds tiny, the strings is the worst thing, yes, because real strings are full af and these ones of NP are just super tiny, they lack of some harmonics but it does a great job performing, and just because that it is more realistic, if musessounds achieve that, it's a big RIP but let's see what they did with NP4. I really hope this guys of musescore develop this thing at that point, I don't know if it's possible for them but they did a great job so far. I really apreciate what he did, really awesome sounds for free I really appreciate that so much.

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