Trois dessins d'enfants

Hey all!

I haven't been active for a long time because I was extremely busy with college but the good news is that I have been composing! Here is a cycle of three short piano pieces I composed  last semester, they were performed in February at the concert of our composition club at Berklee, the Society of Composers.

Any comment is welcome, to be honest I don't even really know what I did, I was working mostly bz instinct. I tried to use a maximum the 2:1 ratio in the second piece.


Trois dessins d'enfants
I: Les garnements (The Rascals)
II: Mélancolie de l'enfance (Melancholy of Childhood)
III: Quand je serai grand (When I Grow Up)

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  • Very cool piece, love the harmonic language and the use of quotations through out the piece. Would love to see this expanded upon to include a couple more movements as I felt it was incredibly short. A slow movement or two would really send this piece over the edge. Other than that it is really good. Great Job.

  • Hi Bernard, 

    I very much enjoyed my 3 listens.  I love the individual character of each, and its symentry as a whole.  Like Tyler, I appreciate your harmonic language.  The imitative approach to the 3rd mvmt. is very cool.  I have a real appreciation for shorts, or miniatures, and do wish yours were each a bit longer - whether because, to my ear, they're too short compositionally, or that I was enjoying each and got disappointed when they ended.  I think maybe both, and either way, you left me wanting more, which means I really like it.  Do you have a pdf of your score we could check out?  Great work, Bernard, 


  • Thanks Tyler and Dave! The main reason they are so short is because I wanted the pieces to be as balanced and logical as possible (I really try to compose pieces that sound "inevitable" without sounding "predictable"). These are my first less tonal compositions and I think I didn't have the experience to write longer pieces without losing some of their inner logic.

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