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Hello everybody,

Been back from being away for a while...

Here is my flute-flute-violin trio. I can be very short about this. I got the inspiration while listening to the titlesong of Titanic (My heart will go on). Don't ask for the connection between the two...

Here it is.

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I enjoy the call and respons between the instruments and I enjoy the lightness of the music (both in character and tembre), however I too feel that there is a sense of searching in the piece, that I cannot really tell if it is deliberate or accidental. I believe this corresponds with earlier respondees feelings of the music not going anywhere, and perhaps the cadencial issues mentioned by Tyler could solve a lot of this, I believe so.

The larger form of the piece and the structure of it is however quite clear to me and I wouldn't want you to change a lot in that respect.

Well done!

P.S. I'd also be careful with the 16th note pizzicatos... while it's probably possible to pull off, it might be better to consult a violinist about the playability of very fast pizzicato notes, so that it's not needlessly difficult to perform.

Hi HS, David,

Thanks for the reply. HS, as usual, long and very clear respons. Thanks.

To start with, some things I did are very intentional, like the huge gap between the violin and the flutes (high - low). I liked the contrast of the high sceaming flutes and the low violin, countering the sound. And the other way around, of course.
To be honest the last part of it I had a little difficulty with, so I struggled to make that work. I am still not overly happy with that, actually.

The combination was new for me so I tried a few things. Some with better result then other, I agree.

I consulted a violinist who told me that when using 2 fingers the 16th are playable, though not easy.

I am still looking to find a way for myself to get into a piece what I want to say. Some of you might know that is one of my weak spots, and I do need strong emotions to get that done. I didn't have that here, so it is possible the music kind of floats around... That was not intentional, I tried something to say with it. Something happy, that is... :)

I hope I didn't sound too harsh, 'cos sometimes I have trouble expressing in music what I want to say too. :-)  But it's something that we should work on. The most effective pieces are those with a clear "message", which dictates the structure and direction of the music.

We've already talked about that, HS, you don't sound to harsh. I know you all mean it for making each other better. I don't take offence. I just say what was my intention. I am always very happy with you replies. Don't fret over it, okay?

OK. :-)

Overall, though, I have to say that your work has come a long way.  It's great to see how much progress you're making. Keep it up!

As long as I am impoving a little bit every time, I am happy.

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