Tree Brush Waltz



This is my first post here, I am hoping it will be the start of a good relationship =)


This short music was created from a tiny quote of a Portuguese children's book. On a dusky windy afternoon, a child looks out of his window and becomes dazzled when the shadows of the garden trees appear to start dancing with each other. 


I am deeply influenced by electronic and synthesizer music from Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. This came handy when the book's main character is a tiny interstellar child detective.


Please give me your thoughts, I am still struggling with some issued, the flow of the notes from the mind to the computer, placing sounds and mastering in general.


Thanks in advance for your comments and criticism,



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  • Love it! Very cool and I love program music. Reminded me very much of the "Dexter" theme (HBO television series), which is a good thing. :)
  • *Edit: To be more specific, I'm referring to the end credits of the "Dexter" series.
  • Thanks Stephen,


    I really like that Dexter's theme, very simple and effective, loads of emotions coming through.


    I was going more for a spooky tim burtony mood and less morbid, it is suppose to target and catch children's imagination =)

  • I liked it already and than the theremin came in and all the wonderful synth work started and it got even cooler . I'm a huge vangelis fan myself so what can I say :) good stuff ! ( off topic: did you listen to Vangelis' album l'apocalypse des animaux ? ancient but I can certainly recommend it )

    And according to me it certainly has this spooky , crooked vibe you were aiming for.

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