Trailer Music Concept.

Hi everyone. I'm new here and just properly started using the site like today. I have a recent music piece i composed and i would like to hear your honest views about it. I uploaded it on my page, but i thought it would be better if it was seen publicly through a discussion as i would like your thoughts about it. Does it express a teaser trailer concept? And any other thing that comes to your mind when you listen to it. Please feel free to express your honest view.

One Brave Boy..mp3

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  • @Dave Dexter First , thank you for been honest. I appreciate your cooment. I understand what you mean. And i also think trailer music maybe might limit the ability of a composer to express more of a concept or the idea he composed the music with. Not based on it's commercial purpose but based on the inspiration of the composer based on the concept or idea he composed the music piece for. For example, Composing for the idea of 'Courage' for a trailer music, could be different from composing it as a theme song for a movie. One thing I notice is, trailer music has a certain duration to my own understanding. It is quie straight forward in terms of expressing it's main melodic theme, of which normally comes towards the end, in such a way that it could build towards the climax of the music piece. Yes, it could seem like something everyone maybe doing based on a structure of composing trailer music, but i wouldn't say trailer music is not good enough again. I'd say, it depends on the composer. And i think trailer music can be more flexible than we could think it may not be. As much as it is not as flexible as classical music or a movie theme song, which I believe is because of it's purpose. I think it can be much better. There may be reoccurring areas, but i think the lesser there are such areas or rather for not too long, and more variations within the piece, which can connect with the main melodic theme and develop in synchronization to the climax of the music piece, then I think it would be better. I did compose this with the concept of a Teaser trailer, and I do understand your point about what trailer music seems like. Thank you again for your honest words.
  • @Nikola Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts about it. I think i'll try something new with this genre. Thank you again.
  • @Bob Porter Lol. Thank you for your honest comment.So a gradual build up is what you suggest then. Thank you. But one thing though, teaser trailers are short. And they only give a glimpse of part of a large idea or of what a movie is about. That's why the main melodic theme came in quickly in my case. There's one thing though I will now put into consideration. I've noticed that most of the trailers I see don't exactly use the whole music trailer in the trailer. They're like a combination of two trailer music pieces plus soundeffects or basically depending on the type of scenes shown a particular track is used to express the feel of what is shown in the trailer. So I would just compose based on the concept or idea and not for a specified duration. I know the duration I should compose for, but not with the mindset of a trailer as the main reason for composing it, but from the idea or concept that inspires me to compose. That's what i'll do.
  • Writing music to suit an unknown commercial enterprise is not how I approach composition, but I do think you've captured well the spirit (and sound) of current commercial trailer music.  

    One area that you might want to seek more feedback on is the mix (probably better forums for that than this one).  I am just learning about mixing myself, but the strings for some reason sounded to me like they weren't sitting in the same space with the rest of the mix (very widely spaced in the stereo field?).  Maybe that is the approach for trailers, but it made their entrance seem a little "flat" to my ears.  Piano at the beginning also seemed a little closely miked in comparison to the rest of the track.  Just my $0.02...

  • @DriscollMusick Thank you for your comment. And thank you for your observations. I think based on the strings part it didn't seem like the fullness of the string was brought as much as it should have been, if that's what i understand from what your saying. I think though that it still does work with the other instruments. I do understand what you meant though. And there isn't necessarily supposed to be a space with the rest of the mix. It's not an approach in trailer music. This is based on the mix you listened to from my track. We learn everyday, so i'll take note of what you've said. The reverb intensity of the piano was more than the other instruments. The reason i did that was because from my experience of applying reverb, not all instruments in my opinion may need the same intensity of reverb. But i am open to a better way of applying reverb. Thank you again for your comment and your observations. I appreciate :)

  • I'm not an expert composer so I will leave deconstruction to @Dave and others (though I might be a little more of an expert in deconstruction - my master's thesis was about deconstructing Nietchze's Birth of Tragedy - still cant spell his name corectly... anyway... I got lost haha...)

    This is solid for what you want it to be @Domo, it's not meant to be a masterpiece or a 2hour long symphony anyway... And you've done it "textbook-wise" simple small theme, layering, climax (it's not to early that you do it for a trailer), and then 4-5 seconds of a really pp layer for the title to come on screen... everything in order.  

    Good work! 

  • @Dmitris Thank you :) I appreciate. Though, i think i've come to learn or think of a modification towards the way i see trailer music with the analysis or critics of the other composers as well. I will not say i am an expert composer as well, but this is what I think. A composer's music is an expression of his feelings or what he sees based on the concept or idea he composes for. Now I believe the genre or category of music which he composes his music having it's characteristics or basic structure could influence the way he composes the piece. One thing i've come to think of is, despite the attributes or basic characteristics of a genre or category of music we should not be limited to the forms or attributes of these categories when we compose with them, but rather we should express our feelings or thoughts creatively and still ensure that the structure of this form of is maintained.
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