Too much EQ?

I have finished my third symphony and it can be heard on soundcloud. I will submit it to Spotify and other places soon.  I’d like to hear your thoughts though on the sound, befor submitting the music. Do you think the mixing and mastering works?

This is the fourth movement, out of five.

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  • I think both track and mastering are excellent! This must represent a lot of work. 

    I tend to favor a sharper mix ie a little air in the 5khz range. I always figure the listener can roll it off with their tone control if it isn't desirable to them.

  • Good to hear. I’m asking because I hade done what the guys at Wallander Instruments warn you not to do. I had upgraded to a new version of NotePerformer in the middle of a project! My thought was to just redo the recordings of all movements in NotePerformer 3, but I soon realised that would not work. I hade written a lot of staccatos and NP3 play those much shorter than NP2, so I just couldn’t get it to sound good. 

    To make up for that I used the NP2 mixes and the NP3 mixes in the same project, gave them the same EQ and compressor settings and run them through the virtual Soundstage demo. That worked pretty well but on movement four I started to wonder if I should have used another EQ setting.

  • Not familiar with that program. Interesting to hear how your worked through this and still came through with an excellent outcome. It's easy to double think ourselves in terms of the mix, at least for me, this is something I constantly do.

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