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This is a piece I made with intention to stay on theme weaving instruments in and out of the composition. Intention is meditative, relaxing. No quantization was used in the making of this music. The pic looks like a cloud angel, but posting it here clips the picture. I guess I'll need to change it.

Key of D.

Instruments used

A Nylon strings plucked 

B Nylon string parlor guitar plucked

Celeste in rhythm



Bodrhan Drum



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Dear Timothy,

I like your violin and flute playing together so well. How did you create that natural violin sound? Is it a real violin? Beautiful!

The accompaniement, however, seems to be a bit too repetitive to me, could you try to bring in there some more varyity?


 Good Morning Gerd,

Thank you for listening.

 The violin is sampled Taylor Davis violin.  I usually use that violin for a more folk sound. 

I think you hit on one of my main issues in composing. My ideas do not add much variety. I will work on this.


Hi Timothy. Very pleasant vibe, here - buoyant and lifting. A nice tapestry of timbres. After a bit, I too was looking for a variant
of some sort. Maybe a contrasting chord shift, or to have the melodic movement become a bit more dramatic?
Thanks for posting!

Very nice Tim,

Hi again, Timothy,

A very likeable piece. Minimalist style, superb production, nice scoring- the interplay of lines. I particularly liked what seemed like the entry of the flute, maybe with the celeste more prominent?  at around one minute in and the way it departed close to the three minute mark.

I also liked the ending - the fact that you gave it an ending rather than just fading out or stopping abruptly like Mike Nyman might. (No way am I linking this in any form to Mike Nyman but stopping dead is something he does).

Good work. Thanks for offering a listen.


Hi Tim,

you found a nice sound picture here with a very appealing mood. It sent me to a different place, relaxing and contemplative. The instruments work nicely together, I am particularly found of the combination violin and guitar which you manage very well here. 

Thank you for posting this most appreciated piece.


You have beautiful sounds and a great blend here Tim. It has an ambient somewhat stationary feel that is pleasant to listen to. You get some development with entrances and exits of some of the instruments but I understand that is not your goal here. If this piece were longer my ears would want more variation as others have commented. You could easily do that without changing theme or harmony by using a breakdown approach but this is fine just as it is.

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