Tolo - "Yellow Rose"

Hello folks - a big one for you all. There are chapters in this tune and in order for the ending to make sense - you should pass through them all. I know its a long one - but its a journey that has a beginning, middle and end. I hope you enjoy it - as always all feedback appreciated!   

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  • Hi Tony,

    An amazing piece, so well done! What a pleasure to listen to. You say “long” but it wasn’t long enough…..:)
    It’s rough but precise, raw but controlled. It’s transparent with a clear themes. I really like the use of the voices, beautifully integrated, it makes perfect sense.

    Very small detail:
    Between 2:40 and 2:43 the piano sounds a bit off especially the E4 sounds like snare only, no hammer involved. Is it possible you have overlapping notes there… or maybe you recorded that E4 more than once?

    At 3:12, Nice!

    At 4.36 Transition well done.

    At 5:48 to 5:53 The strings (b cis d cis b a) seem to “pump” a little bit. Compressor or sample?

    At 7:00 Excellent!!

    The two questions at the end (f, e, d, e, c twice) make perfect sense to me in more than one way. I would like to keep it at…..”would you like to hear more?”…:)
    Answer, yes, curious about your next work.

    Out of interest, what made you write this piece?

  • Hey Joost - first of all, thank you for such a full, measured and kind critique - I really appreciate the support and encouragement... I am really happy you enjoyed this tune.

    Actually in that phase from 2:36 - 3:10 there is a classical guitar playing along with the main piano melody - and I think what you hear is probably a difference in attack on the string - the piano, when soloed actually has the same velocity most of the way thru' that section - I guess it is just a human touch thing.

    The strings are all samples - my studio is one room in my house - as well equipped as it is - I still don't have room for the LSO!! So all of the orchestral sounds and drums are virtual instruments - while all of the guitars (Bass, Electric, Acoustic) are real. Still not sure where the pumping is - but will have a closer listen on 'phones tonight. 

    Really gratified that you want to hear more - you never know how a work reaches the ears of the listener - and of course I am too close to it to be anywhere near able to be objective - although how I wish we could turn amnesia on and off at will so that one can listen to one's own work as a virgin listener. Wouldn't that be cool?! 

    This was written for my wife - who loves Yellow Roses - it kind of depicts our journey so far. That is why there are different themes and emotions throughout - it is a story written over and through time. Of course - there is more to come yet (hopefully) - so we will see where it goes... It actually all started from that section we discussed at 2:36 - where the words in my head to that melody line are 'my love holds a Yellow Rose - she waits for me...' Play it and you will see what I mean - kind of a folky vibe.

    Again, thank you so much for taking 8 minutes from your life to listen to my material - it means a lot. 


  • Hi Tony,

    I like that you tie this music into real life experiences. Makes the music more relevant to me to hear reasons behind the construction. I also have a one room studio in house :) Using modern composition techniques this is all you need! 

    Not sure how long you've been at this.I believe it really shines as an example of great mixing and composition that dares to go beyond presuppositions. I gather this wasn't necessarily intended for a real orchestra? It could work with a few sfx I guess.

    In any case, these are only my opinions. Nice work here. Thanks for sharing.

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