Hello everyone - a first timer here from Johannesburg, ZA!

I am a Guitarist / Composer / Song Writer - originally from the UK - but for the last 7 years have lived in South Africa. I am lucky enough to have a home studio here - where I work each evening writing and recording my original instrumental stuff...one day hoping that something will get picked up for a Movie. I have released two self funded solo records - but my direction is taking a seriously orchestral turn right now - and I am spending some time learning how to score properly - but in a way that will still sound fresh, impactful and dynamic (and to me....beautiful) 

So here it goes - straight in at the deep end and I post something for your review / advice / feedback. 

This is a tune about introspection and solitude. I look forward to hearing what you think of the genre, style and most importantly if you enjoyed the journey of twists and turns (*spoiler* I am asking for nearly 7 minutes of your lives!)

Advice always appreciated.

Stay well folks. 




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  • Ahh, what a nice moment you gave me. I find it ambient, in the old-fashioned style. It is amazingly beautiful. Do you play everything yourself?

    I couldn't hear so much of a thematic development but I don't think that is the purpose in this kind of music. It is more about the atmosphere. I wouldn't mind if you demand more from the listener with more active parallel lines for example.

    But it is a true beauty as it is.

    Thank you.


  • Hey Kjell - thank you so much for coming back on a first post. Yes - everything was played and recorded here at home - as much as someone like me can play things ‘ourselves‘. The strings, piano, brass, kit etc are all sample libraries of different kinds - but all played using midi on a keyboard. Guitars are all live and real of course (my instrument). Also some synthesized bass lines going on here too - providing pulse and drama as well as some heavy percussion artillery. You are right - for me it is about the atmospheric journey of this piece - intentionally centered around those three repeating notes (the title of the track). I can, in time, promise more music that will demand more from the listener - but this is a gentle introduction! Thanks again for listening.
  • This sounds more like the soundtrack of a song than film score. There is a lack of melody here, as if part of the song has been removed and all we're left with is the accompaniment. But I'm not sure it matters all that much, since what we're left with is quite beautiful and stirring. It does give me the impression of orchestral music written by a composer of lyrical vocal music, and bore strong resemblance to the ambience of video game music I played growing up.

    Not a bad effort at all, Tony. As Kjell mentioned in his comment, and which I agree with, this kind of music needs a bit of thematic development to give it some drive. Without lyrics, it loses some communication value and thematicism helps restore that.

    Keep up the great work! This was very beautiful, indeed.



  • Thank you Jörfi - fantastic and insightful feedback. Indeed - As a younger man I wrote songs for a vocalist, and all of my music has words - it’s just that I suck as a singer! Not a video game guy at all - but would make it work if the opportunity came off... I think this piece kind of represents a bridge between my days as a young musician to one as a growing, learning, mature composer - but I want to offer something different In the end. Highly appreciated.
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