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A piece of microtonal music with four instruments that remember those of the stringed percussion type.

Following the line of making music using a programming language for sound, I wanted to define two musical elements that were peculiar: a microtonal own musical scale, dividing the octave with 120 divisions as well as instrumental timbres that were also their own of the creation with computer and that were not imitations of the timbre of the physical instruments. . .

If you are interested in more information on the same SoundSound page, there is a longer explanation about its approach.

Thanks for listening

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Very interesting Ramon, thanks for posting.  This is monophonic, have you considered some harmonization or counterpoint?  I found myself imagining some extra parts for this.

Ingo, thank you for your kind comment. Although there are some passages in which two different instrumental timbres sounding at the same time, I agree with you that it is a simple phonic approach. It is very well imagined a more complex approach to harmony, I'm sure that would also be very interesting, but this would be another project (much more difficult from the point of view of sound synthesis, by the way), that would depart from my initial objective of simplicity in the form.

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