To the Batcave

Just looking for some feedback on this. I wrote this with the image in my head of Batman (the Dark Knight version) on the Batcycle at night speeding in and out of traffic, with his fluttering cape, on his way to the Batcave. Then I got tired of it and ended it more like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. What do think? Can string players keep up this kind of sustained fast bowing or is it impossible? Here's the link: Any and all comments are welcome. -Rick

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  • This actually makes me think more of Vivaldi than Batman, so I would hold on to this composition and think of maybe working it as a symphonic piece, at least the first half.   I think the brass towards the end isn't necessary as the strings are carrying the piece quite nicely.  Yeah, I can tell at 2:57 when the mood changes.  What did you use to produce this as the strings sound nice.

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