Hi everyone! I'm this kind of composer who really can't think of a title for my works... I just end up naming it for what's its purpose for the material.. (example) the music is for the Opening billboard, I'll just name my piece"OBB".. or if it's a Theme for the whole material... well luckily I'll just name it as "(insert title)Theme"... but when I do my "own" music... I just can't put a title on it... I'll just put "jingggg" or "bwahaha" and other nonsense..

           So now I'll go to my point.. does many of us here also have this difficulty? also, how do you start your composition? thinking of a Title first? or doing first the music first? (let's put aside the sketch,research, templates and etc. for this topic) I just need an advice, Thanks! :)

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  • Hey Kane. Actually I saw earlier that you called one of your tracks on some previous thread "blahblah". It hurts me to see this kind of stuff, to tell you the truth. Titling my piece, at the beginning or at the end of the process is the a very big responsibility for me. Imagine looking at a beautiful girl. Blond, tall and barbie-like. Now I tell you that her name is Grizelda! You must agree it's much worse than Tiffany or Jessica. 

    If you call your piece "Desert dream", the client might use it differently if it was called "Killing in the name of". 

    The book is judged by its cover

  • if my music is for a client my first title would be "(name of project and for what sequence it is)  and the date" and I'll just leave it even if the work is done.. but I really do want to think of an appropriate title for it but at some point after all that thinking I end up in a half-assed titling ... actually what I want to do now is to make a title first then the music... all I ever did was just to write something without thinking of how my piece would be... well I think that if i'll start with a title... it's a lot easier to compose and it's more into the point.. because I'm gonna  have some sort of guides... and the vision is really clear... but of course there are also many good things with going for the music first.. like it's all about my instincts.. it's all about the flow... well that's just me.. I guess I'm just really new to composition... 

  • There are no rules about it. My goal is always to be creative with the titles as much as possible. No matter at what stage I do it. It gives character to the music. Title should be appealing, special and reflect the essence of the music. Tell it's story in 2 or 3 words

  • For me, the music is much easier because if you think about it, coming up with a title is very hard as it is when working with lyrics because you end up putting so much focus on it, you end up losing focus on what came easy to you.

    Most often, when lyrics are written the title is found where? In the chorus usually. So, construct the lyrics first, then by the time you get the chorus, the title should jump out at you as most of the time is repeated in the chorus anyway.

    One of the easiest songs that come to my mind is The Only Exception by Paramore. It's just preceded by a pronoun and verb (You Are) which they could have gone with, but chose not to. Where is it found? You guessed it. The chorus!

    If you are having trouble, just throw something up there and ignore it. Something should eventually come to you. IOW, don't force something or often you'll end up nothing. Heck, name it nothing and it'll still be something!
  • It's a good thread Kane!

    And what about naming pieces you submit to music libraries! The titles there have insome way to descirbe what the piece can be sued for

  • ^ Not saying that isn't a legit cause to sue; yet, we know folks will sue for any and every little thing. However, I've heard songs with the exact same title, but they clearly are not. I can't think of any, but there are a good amount of "Same Title, Different Song" song out there.
  • Hey haha don't trip man, I'm the same exact way. I do agree with some of the threads higher up though, you should at-least name you're song after it's finished. When I start a piece, I just number it, and then when I'm finished, I think about what it's ganna be used for and name it accordingly. Sometimes it takes a long time, but just work until you find something cool.

  • Coming up with titles for my pieces is a big part of the fun of composing. When I try to think of a title I like to tap into the same creative process that I used to create the music. My titles usually end up seeming nonsensical -- similar to my music, e.g. "Bazooka Joe has a Thought". I also like to do a play on words, which is sort of what we do with music (i.e. play on notes), e.g. "The Prophesies of Nostril Damus". One of my pieces uses clips from Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, so I decided to use their names in my title, but jumbled up, similar to how their music is jumbled up in my piece: "Be the Oven to Marz -- and Bach". One of my pieces has some rondo aspects, yet sounds quite crazy -- so I called it Rondo alla Schizo.


  • music first. 

    My teacher's advice: Make the title seem metaphorical and spiritual, bot necessarily what the composition was about. If that was it my latest compositon would be called "I AM ANGRY BLARGH! I HATE YOU! DIE!"

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