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Does anyone here have advice about getting played on classical radio? It's a challenge in three parts: 1) how does one acquire a contact list of radio program directors, 2) in what way should music be sent to them, and 3) is there an avenue for self-promotion to radio programs that doesn't cost a giant wad of cash?

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  • Thats where you are going to hit a brick wall. Classical music radio stations don't play music like a college radio station would. Most of their programing is produced else where and sent to them. What is produced in house is usually very conservative and tend to stick to the standard classical repertory. Those that do play new music play it rarely  and usually play only internationally renown composers.

    If you want radio play, you have to get international performances and recordings or CDs that are recognized by the new music community and even then its not a guarantee. 

  • Step 1: write good music. Step 2: get it published. Step 3: make YouTube video of the piece. Step 4: NPR will contact you when your piece is relevant to their discussion. My cost was $0.
  • Ian, this may or may not apply to your situation.   I had a classical radio station respond really well to a CD of mine that was sent to them by a concert series I was performing in as part of a promo package sent out widely in the area.   This was a recital of traditional classical guitar music, not original compositions.  None the less, some of this might apply.  The music director at the station liked one particular piece on the CD, and played it weekly on-air for a couple years.   I sold out my stock of CDs based mostly on that station's exposure.  

    My point is that if you can get your music performed live, promotion of that is easier than promotion of a recording, though short-term.  Also that music directors at radio stations (the one I mentioned was an NPR affiliate) have unique tastes and no doubt someone out there will love your music!

    And as Rodney said, YT is important.

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